Anyone Test the V for SolidWorks?

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone tested SolidWorks on the V prototypes? I just wanted to see how the performance was. I know the i5 were the only ones shipped so it may not be the unit for CAD but I thought I’d ask as I haven’t seen much discussion on the use for this particular software.


I don’t think you will for that software. I will use it with solid works and proE / creo. But to be save I would hunt for the i7 and not the i5. Problem would be large assemblys or complex import data. Also real view would be a large problem I think. If you need it for private use or to show your costumer a view things it should be fine. Just turn of the autosave, because it needs a lot of CPU time.

I would look for the i7 Model. Video would not support realview so it would just be used for basic design but wonder how surfacing would be handled. STEP file import would be interesting as well.

No rendering but that’s okay. That can be done on the desktop.

I think surfacing should be fine because it’s only cpu load. Step I think should be regarding of the file size. If you only get a supplier part in it should be no problem. A whole machine should be done on your desktop. :wink: I read somewhere that even light gaming goes well on the device.

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Good to know. Guess I’ll have to wait till someone actually uses it for this software and also how it handles the pen if at all. Have a 3D Connexion Mouse waiting in the wings.

I haven’t used SolidWorks but it seems that it is possible to offload some computations to GPU. Graphics Adapters and Drivers - 2016 - SOLIDWORKS Help
In the case with V you will be able to plug an eGPU dock in TB3 port. But regardless you should probably go with i7 16GB RAM model. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Only in rendering or real view mode. In any other case the gpu is not at full load and isn’t used that much from SW