Anyone having issues setting up the 4k 120hz on Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Anyone having issues setting up the 4k 120hz on Windows 10 or Windows 11?

It was working fine on my laptop, MSI GS65 with a 1070 HDMI output and then suddenly everything is fuzzy above 60hz for no reason. No new software or anything. I checked with a Windows 10 desktop to be sure and it did the same thing. I’m using the latest firmware.

Are you using a certified hdmi 2.1 cable? 1070? as in GTX 1070? The gtx 10 series depending on the card, game and settings barely does 4k 60. witcher 3 on my old 1070 barely did 4k 60fps still dropped below 60fps. rtx 30 cards supports hdmi 2.1.

it is a certified hdmi 2.1 cable. im not running any games. the desktop is fuzzy at 120hz and it was working fine for the last two weeks and today after starting my computer its randomly fuzzy at 120hz but at 60hz its clear.

Part of the problem may be because at 120hz, the monitor THINKS it’s at 1080p. I wonder why this is happening.

problem might be with G-sync. G-sync lately people have been having issues with it. try disabling it or enabling it and see if that help. also nvidia did had a driver update the other day in case you haven’t updated yet.
also on the on screen command where is says hdmi port 1 mode or 2. next to it will of course should say 2.1. scroll over to 2.1 and right click on it with the joystick and you should last i saw be able to change the compatibility to 2.0 since 1070 doesn’t support 2.1. only rtx 30 series support 2.1

So I went along with what you suggested, nothing worked the first time around BUT then I did a clean install of the graphic drivers, did a factory reset of the monitor from the menu and interestingly, the HDMI input selection type only gave 2 options, with 2.1 as a option and “compatibility” as the only other option. doing this reset my 4k to 120hz. bizarre. i can’t replicate it anymore. hopefully this was a one off issue.


The fuzziness could have been caused by the method of sending color information in the graphics signal. There are 4 modes that can be used, in order of quality:

  1. RGB, either 8-bit or 10-bit (HDR)
  2. YCbCr444
  3. YCbCr422
  4. YCbCr420

The 422 and 420 modes decrease the amount of data used by sending through color (hue) information for blocks of pixels, rather than individual pixels. 420 uses larger blocks than 422. Both of these modes decrease picture quality and can make it look fuzzy.

Your GTX 1070 only supports HDMI 2.0, which has a maximum data rate of 14.4Gbps. This isn’t enough to do full 4K @ 120Hz without dropping to 422 or 420 mode. And that’s not even considering HDR.

I would strongly suggest switching to a DisplayPort cable. That will increase the video data rate to 25.92Gbps, close to double what you’re getting over HDMI.

One big limitation of the GTX 10x0 cards is that they don’t support compressing the display signal over DisplayPort cables. Only the newer GTX 16xx and RTX cards support compression. This means that you’ll be able to get 4K @ 120Hz with 8-bit RGB (i.e. no HDR), but if you want 144Hz or HDR then you’ll be forced to use YCbCr422.