Anyone got the V keyboard to reliably work over BT?

The title practically is my question. I like the typing experience of the V keyboard, but wasn’t able to get it to reliably work over BT. I tried two V keyboards and none of them seems to work reliably over Bluetooth - lost characters, longer disconnections seemingly at random etc.

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Lost characters is to be expected with BT, its really the limitation of the tech that a problem with your particular unit or this particular type of product. Disconnection may be related with your BT driver. Try grabbing the latest version from Intel site

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Somehow i think this is a false statement: Lost charcters means lost data. Lost data means that bluetooth transfers would finish with corrupted data (even though the transfer finished “successfully”), or that listening to music over bluetooth would bring a lot of stuttering or just parts of the song being “mute”.

With updated bluetooth, i can listen to my beats x for hours w/o disconnects.

The only problem i’m still having is my old touchpad problem (i think this doesn’t answer but relates to OP question):

No. My V keyboard doesn’t register all the key strokes when the trackpad is in use over BT

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That is definitely not the case. I have a Thinkpad bluetooth keyboard and it’s never lost a single character. And as TheBestPessimist points out, it would be impossible to use Bluetooth for data transfer if that were the case.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but the Bluetooth on my keyboard works like a rock star. Better than any other Bluetooth device i have.

Keypresses register near-perfectly from literally 15 meters away. I have pictures of that somewhere here.

I’m inclined to believe any Bluetooth-keyboard-stupidness is from inconsistencies in the manufacturing. Also, anyone who makes left shift and right shift different is stupid so there’s that as well.


Sometimes mine works, sometimes it doesn’t. Two hours ago - flight from Toronto to Edmonton - I could have used BT. It didn’t work. Now in a hotel room in Edmonton, it does work. I didn’t use Airplane mode on the flight, just disabled Wifi.

OS version 1803.

I’ve been an Eve user for ~6 mths, as HEB - 19. So I can attest to the good and the not so good.

So have I. don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying its all rainbows and flowers, just that the Bluetooth on my particular keyboard is beyond stupid impressive.

i tried it from across the room in my office, then i stepped out into the garden and tried typing from one end with my V at the other - AND IT WORKED.

i’m saying i think the keyboard QC is terribly inconsistent, and i think the Bluetooth problems are not software or hardware V-side, but the keyboard hardware.




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Mine has no connection/disconnection issues that I’ve noticed, but I unplug it so rarely because it’s incredibly frustrating to use, it seems every word I type has a space in the wrong place or characters the wrong way round or missing e.t.c. it’s just not quick enough and receiving inputs in the wrong order. I always end up giving up and plugging it in after a few minutes :unamused:

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Same here I haven’t had any issues at all with my keyboard loosing character or disconnecting. I’m actually using my V keyboard on bluetooth right now lol

But as a note for others the keyboard will go to sleep at some point so you have to press a key to get it to wake up and then continue typing. I don’t know how long before it sleeps though.

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