Anyone else with a 7900 xtx getting screen blanking on displayport?

I have a new XFX merc 310 7900 xtx and can’t use it :frowning: The screen goes black about every 10-15 seconds on this monitor. The card uses DP 2.1 but its BW compat w/ 1.4. I also updated the FW to 101 (i own the glossy screen model) and it still blacks out. My FI32U doesn’t have this problem. Ive tried different cables (new one coming in aswell just in case) and the problem still persists. Its clearly port instability (which i also have on the HDMI port too) and its far more stable on my 3090. Not sure what would be causing it but the new FW doesn’t fix many of my issues and have brought many more bugs into light (contrast now is 100+ to make it look like it did before the update?).

Is anyone else having issues with the new GFX cards on displayport? Screen blanking in particular.

Yes exact same issue on my reference 7900XTX over display port. No such issue over HDMI 2.1. Seems to be an issue with this monitor and graphics card. 0 Issues over display port when i owned a 6900XT

I just installed an XTX reference using a DP 1.4 cable. I was getting screen flickering every 1-2 secs on the spectrum, I replaced by bluetooth antennae and the frequency has decreased over the last hour ( 1 episode last 30 min). Will continue to test it out. Disappointing if this is the case. No problems with my prior 3080 10 GB w/ same cable. I have a 1080p monitor attached to HDMI that doesn’t flicker

Follow up:
Researching this more

People have had luck in disabling multiplane overlay (MPO) to remove flickering on high refresh screens

24 hr later, I haven’t had any flickering since disabling MPO with the registry edit

Follow up:
After a week black screen happens every 24-48 hrs. with MPO on/off, tried disabling all the AMD software bloat (Anti-Lag, Chill. image sharpness) happens maybe 1-2 seconds. Other connected 1080p HDMI input monitor not affected. Cable for the Spectrum is a 1.4 DP cable IVANKEY that seemed to be high quality when I purchased it.

Yeah im gonna be returning my XTX tomorrow. I dont have any wireless features enabled on my MB and i dont see what else surrounding my system it could possibly be. Ive tried 4 cables and no changes so far. My FI32U doesnt seem to have this issue, but its a monitor i dont want to use. Im basically through troubleshooting impossible hardware issues that linger for the money i paid. Hope your problem goes away. Hopefully they further improve the monitor w/ certain GPUs.

Yes, I also have this issue. I tried with several different cables, including fiber optic ones and all had the same issue.

From my testing, the issue seems to come from DSC (display stream compression).

Changing the DP mode to “1.4 without DSC” (new on 108 firmware) fixes the issue for me, however, running high refresh rates without DSC limits the color depth options.

Using HDMI 2.1 also fixes it for me and doesn’t limit the color depth. I believe the HDMI connection doesn’t use DSC because of the higher bandwidth available, but I can’t confirm this 100%.

Yeah im finding the exact same thing. But it isn’t DSC perse as i have a 3090 connected and it runs much more stable with only a few blanks here and there. It has something to do w/ AMD cards and their implementation of 2.1 or Eves compatability as a sink device w/ some 2.1 cards. Could be Nvidia has better preemphasis etc etc leading to a stronger signal. However when i switched it off (1.4 w/o DSC) it was stable. On another 4k monitor it worked fine with DSC on, so it probably isn’t the GPUs fault, but Eves port stability issues. For me i can’t use the HDMI port either (motion bug) so im pretty much not able to use AMD cards ATM. Ill have to look around for a 4080 at this point. Seems Nvidia is more stable, but i could be wrong with new stuff.

But i can confirm the HDMI connection uses 12 Gbps x 4 Lanes with no DSC as it has plenty of BW to run 144hz 4k.