Anyone else USB ports turning on and Off

USB-C issue with my Mac, constantly changing here every Window is even though I have not disconnected. But beside that, my USB Light that is connected to the monitor constantly turns on and off, whether the Mac is active OR not. Anyone else epxericing this? Is this a known issue that will be fixed soon? I had the issue on v106 and I believe even the original v102.

Could you be a little more descriptive? Are you using a hub? Have you tried any other cables?

No it is directly connected to the monitor. I have used 2 cables same issue. Hell it turns the light on some times. The light connected using USB will turn on and off randomly, whether the monitor has an image or not.

Have you tried a different computer (possibly even a different OS)?

can you try connecting other peripherals to the monitor and see if they disconnect repeatedly as well or if its just the display signal

SR20, it’s a LIGHT. This should be POWER only.

Sorry I thought you were having an issue with the video signal disconnecting along with the light shutting off. Let me see if there’s anything else I can suggest

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Macs appear to be doing something that causes the Spectrum to wake up every now and again.

There’s a settings called Power Nap in the macOS battery settings that can make this worse. When Power Nap is turned on, it’ll allow your Mac to wake up periodically to check for things like email. Disabling it helps to reduce how often the Spectrum wakes.

But even with Power Nap off, you can still have the Spectrum wake up occasionally. Mine did this last night, where the screen came on and the LED lights on my keyboard and mouse all came alive. Everything turned back off about 10-15 seconds later.

I suspect that it’s the Mac causing this. It’s probably doing something over USB-C that’s causing the Spectrum to think that it wants to connect. The Spectrum wakes up so that it can handle the video signal, but no signal ever comes.

To be clear it does ALSO happen when I turn on the Mac laptop, and the USB-C is coming on. But that’s semi expected for it to flash then.

NZgeek and SR20, that makes sense, but it also happens when I am using other ports, like HDMI. Just randomly turning off then back on, or the other way around. The Off then back On is more common than On then Off. It basically is never off, other than the random transitions.

It’s definitely a known issue that the USB hub is reset when the Spectrum switches video inputs. Part of this reset causes all devices to lose power, so it’s likely the cause of the on → off → on cycle you’re seeing.

While I can understand that side of things, I don’t see why the USB hub needs to reset multiple times. It’s not uncommon for my USB devices (connected to the Spectrum’s USB hub) to lose power 2 or 3 times when waking my MacBook from sleep.

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Hi @NZgeek,

The reason it’s strange (no pun intended - dr strange 2 releases today :face_with_hand_over_mouth:), is due to the power LED light turning on and off, regardless of what port Chris uses.

@Chris_Hammers - This may sound silly but can you please confirm the power cable is connected properly on both ends.

@Chris_Hammers isn’t having issues with the Spectrum’s power LED. The issues are with an LED lamp that draws power from the Spectrum’s USB ports.

It would be interesting to know if Chris is seeing any other activity on the Spectrum when the USB-powered LED lamp turns off/on. For example: is the video input switching, or is one of the input devices waking up from sleep? These are things that will likely cause the USB hub to reset, therefore causing USB power to cut out for a few seconds.

@MarvyMarvz, as NZgeek clarified, this is a LED lamp above the monitor that is using the USB for power. I did reconnect and it did not fix it. note I have NOT noticed the LED on the monitor itself blink when this happens.

@NZgeek it does happen when switching inputs, which I understand, but still sucks. But it does happen randomly, when nothing else happens (no image flicker etc). Happens when even my Xbox is on the screen.

The crazy thing is the Lamp has an Off button, and will turn back on randomly or when switching inputs, it’s super annoying and I will clearly have to plug it in somewhere else now.

I must say that I haven’t noticed my USB ports turning off anytime other than input switching or sleep events. It would be rather annoying if my mouse and keyboard turned off in the middle of a game!

I wonder if it might be related to power draw. Some of those LED lamps can require a fair bit of current, maybe as much as 2A or 3A. This is speculation, but your lamp might be drawing close to what the Spectrum can supply on a single USB port, and the USB port might occasionally decide that it’s had enough and needs to reset.

A dedicated USB charger is always the best option for things that use lots of power. It’s also work paying more for a decent brand charger - I had a USB PD charger short circuit internally due to a bad design, and it did more than €150 damage to the digital camera that was plugged into it.

Good point, I will see if it says what it draws. it did not come with a wall charger, so I assumed the Monitor would be just as much as a PC port. So it says it uses 5W max, but states to plug into 5V 2A, that’s 10W so something is lying. Is there documentation on what the ports support?

Page 3 of the ES07D03 spec sheet says that the ports support 5V 2A. However, it’s not clear whether that’s per port or if that’s shared across the two USB-A ports.

Yeah, hub powering off-on during video input switching is very very very annoying.

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Hi Chris,

I’ve just received word from Kira that the three ports (Type-A ports and Type -C port) simultaneously provide 35W and do not share a maximum power draw.

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Note I stopped using USB-C. it was causing my laptop to Crash as well, as it has not done it since I disconnected.

Thank you for providing that work around I will take note of that if any others come into this issue :slight_smile: