Anyone else seeing this?

This happens too often… is there a way to improve Discourse’s reliability? Also, it doesn’t work properly with Firefox for Android, there are plenty of bugs. And other Discourse sites work normally. Do you have a customized version of the software? Maybe that breaks some things?


Working right for me :wink: Checked on both my laptop and my android (chrome - web mobile version) and neither showed that. In fact, for months that I’ve yet to see that on my devices. Maybe the problem is using firefox :wink:

I never had this problem on my Lumia 950 with Win10Mob and the most hated Browser Edge.
Does it only happen in Firefox or also other browsers?
I don’t want to tell you to change the browser. But that’s the first hint to find the root of the error.


@pauliunas what version of firefox do you have? Any beta or the regular one? If you want to test if the problem is using firefox, try using chrome or opera (only use the desktop version but it works pretty well so the mobile version should do too) :wink:

It works properly on desktop Firefox. And I’m not going to switch to Google Snoople Chrome, never xD. I mean I wouldn’t mind if that persisted with all the sites using this forum software, but works perfectly for me. So it means there’s something wrong with the way Eve uses the software.
And I strongly believe that any website should be optimized for all major browsers. That’s a challenge, but one can’t call themselves a professional web developer if they can’t do it… (I still blame Discourse developers - maybe NextThing had to patch it themselves…)

It appears in my Vivaldi also. But it doesn’t appear in Edge.

I just hit refresh in chrome and it went away: )

Yeah, actually same happened to me (on Firefox). But I’m still pissed about the other bugs :smile: like the floating post count that I posted before

Just now happened to me too, Chrome on desktop. Ctrl+R and all is ok again :slight_smile:

Yeah, F5 did the trick :slight_smile:

Same happened to me today (on Lumia 950 XL, Edge). Went off, when i switch off browser, and the start it again.

Happening on desktop chrome too

Happening in Chrome mobile (Android) too… :confused: