Any software you want for the V?

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

Express in this thread what software feature (that would otherwise be considered bloatware) you want for the V. I want this thread to be purely for ideas. The implementation will be discussed afterwards (maybe in a follow up thread). Also, keep in mind community could make these features happen).

Do you want to have an app to change the colour of the keyboard backlight?

Do you want an app that can monitor the battery time left for the keyboard?

Sound off in the comments! Have ideas. Discuss ideas. Refine ideas. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I’m going to make a backlog of ideas here!

  • app that can monitor the battery time left for the keyboard
  • app that changes the TDP (both manually and actively); can be associated with power modes [@caspa90]
  • App that downloads all drivers, firmware, bios updates etc (ex. so people don’t need to install them manually each time they reinstall windows), and keeps them updated [@xDrako]
  • Ability to preserve Precision Touch Pad custom settings on the keyboard when connected with Bluetooth [@zman888]
  • Easy-to-use fingerprint sensor config utility (again not sure if this is built into Windows already as i haven’t used a Windows fingerprint device yet) [@zman888]
  • ability to adjust the hover distance on the stylus [@mlivesey]
  • utility to finely adjust brightness levels (even to 0%!)
  • utility to change the colour of each key individually and make patterns (within the possible colours available) [@Hulby]
  • software switches for touchscreen, digitizer, touchpad, GPS, sensors etc [@Pacman]

(20 char limit…)

Oh wow! This is too exciting i can’t think of anything at all :astonished:

I’m pretty sure that’s impossible :wink:


It was just an example :stuck_out_tongue: I knew there was a shortcut for it :wink:

Want to have an app to change from black alcantara to blue ;D


That would be cool! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure you got I meant the keyboard backlight :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I understand that… But I still think it’s impossible… The keyboard is a simple HID keyboard and it doesn’t have any special drivers. So, for that to work you would need different hardware as well as drivers for it.

I want people to post their most crazy ideas!! First have crazy ideas and then discuss the feasibility of them :wink:


An app that changes the TDP? 7W when on battery - 13W when plugged to mains?

When light gaming, your most likely plugged to the mains. So 13W would be great.

Using the battery, most likely will be doing work/browsing web. 7W would be sufficient.


Thought the keyboard was rgb? :open_mouth: sry for not posting a crazy idea :confused:

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A software that takes care of all drivers and load/install all updates (BIOS, firmware, etc.) by eve.


I’ll be updating the first post as a backlog of ideas!

Nope, it has 6 fixed colors :slight_smile:




I think what Eve could do is to put an all-in-one installer that launches after the out of box experience. The users could then simply tick the boxes for the programs that they want to be installed.


I suggest rather than installing what many would consider bloatware, have a configuration kit available on the EVE site which allows folks to download tools intended for the EVE. In that way, those who are intent on not having any installs that compromise the pristineness of the V can let it remain so while the rest of us who are realists can download the tools we desire. You can also set up a directory of tools on the V but not install them, folks can either install the tools from the directory or delete the directory, it is entirely up to them (I actually like this option, and am waiting for the arrows to be slung for even the mere suggestion).


Updated the thread above :wink:

Please refrain from using “the eve”. Thank you.


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