Any recommendations for a decent VESA mount for the Spectrum?

Does anyone have any decent recommendations for a VESA desk mount for the spectrum, my current one has 100x100, but also can be used as roughly 120x120 so no way will it fit in the indentation of the mount/stand.


I bought the Jarvis dual monitor arms from Fully and really like them. Are not cheap, but are built to last and work great.


I’ve been looking at Humanscale. These aren’t cheap however the are great quality.


My desk is up against the wall, is there any dual screen monitor arms that you can use up against a wall whilst still having some level of movement in the screen?


You can use those arms with a through-hole design. This is where you use an existing hole or make one to mount the arms.


I had actually brought a model like that but when I attached to the desk found that I couldn’t adjust the arms to where I needed them as the arms needed to go back against the wall but not enough clearance between wall and desk. Was an expensive waste of money!


I am going for this one:

I also ordered a new desk - so everything will be shining new in March :wink:


I’m eagerly awaiting a pair of Spectrums (Spectra?) and have ordered stands for them but am beginning to think that I will instead use a VESA dual-mount monitor arm, clamped to my desk, as I think I’m going to need to move the screens in all planes quite a bit.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Any makes to go for? Any to avoid?

[EDIT} Thanks @Lore_Wonder for moving this to the correct discussion!

I should also say that the monitors will need to be able to move completely independently of one another.

[EDIT 2] And now I’m in the right discussion AND have looked back through the posts it seems that the dual version of the Jarvis mount @darkguy2 mentioned certainly fits the bill. I’m open to other suggestions though.


I already ordered this one - I have mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, it does well with my current 22" 1080p monitors. Getting them to sit side by side was a lot of work, in that my desk sits against a wall, so having them SxS near the wall was impossible because of the actuation of the arms (and the lengths). So, now, they actually sit closer to my face than when they were on their stands. Plus, my desk has a riser specifically for monitors - a much smaller piece than the desk itself. And the material of the desk is half-inch particle board - not the strongest material. It shows - I really need a new desk lol.

However, these things are solid, and if your desk is solid as well, this will hold a pair of the Spectrums with 0 issues.

Here are some pics:

PXL_20210125_004512918 PXL_20210125_010649265 PXL_20210125_010736628 PXL_20210125_010919814


I just purchased two of the Ollin Monitor Arm (2 x single monitor). I know I shouldn’t say this, it’s only a monitor arm, but I’m really impressed. Perfect combination in preparation for the Spectrum, if not a little pricey.


Wow, those are pricey - but I can see in the pics that the build quality looks superb.

Great thing about a pair of them is that you can space them as far as you need to to allow the monitors to sit SxS and flush with each other, that’ll be a huge bonus.

If I had gone for the Ollin, I definitely would have gone for a pair of singles versus the dual monitor bar, as, looking at the pics, they never show the ability to have one in landscape and one in portrait mode.

Nice pick!

A little lmao. $300 for a monitor arm, holy cow. Who do they think they are, Apple?

Joking aside, they do appear to be great monitor arms, just a bit too pricey for my blood


I personally use Chief products for my monitors. In this particular case, you see a dual static articulating mount on the left holding 2 4k monitors; a 27" and a 32". On the right, a custom setup configured by Ergotron, also Chief but this is on a 28" pole. This thing is a beast with a 10 year warranty so I do not mind the price. It’s also holding 4k monitors. With this setup, I can get them landscape or portrait mode.


I would have posted more info but as a new user I can only embed 1 item.


I went for this one here, since it was recommended by a friend. Gas-driven arms with cable management and a good price:

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I’ve been super happy with these arms from Monoprice. They go on sale fairly frquently.


I am looking to mount two Spectra’s and one 15.6" MacBook Pro.

  1. Hence, I am looking to get one of this -
  2. One of this -

The Spectrum weighs 4.7kg. (this info was surprisingly tricky to find btw :person_shrugging:) I wouldn’t be too worried about getting the sturdiest arms, i bet most will handle the spectrum just fine!


I'm using an ergotron i bought years ago, and its still going strong - holds up my 10kg monitor easily.

BUT the problem is that because of the way its built and the way my table is set up, its constantly torqueing the back of my table - i’ve lost one already, and i know this one is goin to go soon :cry:

so anyway:


this (below) would be way better. too lazy to draw on it but eh i think you can see what im trying to point out here. No angles. dont give them leverage, man - F=ma and stuff. or Fxd? Physics, its physics, okay?

er. anyway, heavy thing, long stick, rip table. ok bye.


I’ve been using ergotech freedom monitor arm purchased through Drop (massdrop) long time ago and I’m going to keep using it but at this time, adding a quick release vesa mount add-on from ergotron.

Ergotech freedom (heavy duty)

Ergotron Quick Release bracket


You have got to go with the flexible arms. Nothing is worse than trying to get behind a monitor that you can hardly move. Besides, having the need to stand for a little bit and being able to adjust the screens is a godsend.


Any one have any pro’s and con’s of the pole mounted arms vs direct mount on the table?
Example: Pole mounted VS. Regular.
Which one is more convenient and more flexible? Any pro’s and con’s?
Thanks in advance!