Any In-Depth Review regarding the V Pen?

So I’ve read through the majority of the user experience reviews on this site and watched/read most of the reviews on other sites. I have yet to come across a review that really delves into the performance of the pen specifically. Most people give a half-baked review saying its “okay” or its “nothing to write home about” or “its good enough” but I have my doubts that these reviewers have spent enough time testing the pen out.

The pen is one of the main reasons I purchased the EVE V during the December flash sale as I am hoping to use it in university classes to annotate and take notes in Microsoft OneNote.

Can someone please provide some in-depth insights of the V pen, focusing specifically on note taking and annotating mainly in the OneNote app?


There is a topic where they show a test on the usage of the pen in a video. Don’t know what the precise title of the topic was but it was posted this week.

What exactly do you expect from such a review. I can make a 30 minute video of taking notes on the V… But it just works like a pen. You take it in your hand and write with it on the display. It is not and will never be as writing on paper. But it is good for note taking. If you are an artist and you need shadows, very thin lines and other crazy stuff this could be another question…

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What about jitter issues, are there any problems while e. g. drawing a straight line? Is it possible to make an almost perfectly straight line without it being too reminding of an earthquake graph?

I’d like to know how efficient it is for writing. How often is it recognized, do the characters you write show up instantly, are they characters clear enough to read (given that the writer has neat writing), things like this should be mentioned.

I’m sorry but after weeks of trying I can’t agree with you. There are really many issues with the pen especially with writing. It is sadly not comparable with the Surface Pro 4 I’ve tried intensively. Maybe it’s just my device but when I read other threads of the community I doubt it. First you think everything works fine but if you use the pen for serious work for hours you get into trouble. Palm rejection isn’t reliable, many missing letters, more pen issues when charging the V, …Just to give some examples.
I hope there will be a fix since the pen was the main reason for me not to go with a MacBook again.
Don’t get me wrong. The V is a great device and in my opinion the Team did a good job but for now the pen isn’t usable for note taking at the university for me.

I just made a video of my professional artist friend comparing the iPad Pro against the V with both the V Pen and Bamboo Ink. I’ll ask her if she lets me publicize the video :slight_smile:


This would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers, I’ve heard for some people that has fixed many of the pen issues.

Yes I did. Maybe it had influence on jitter but not on my main problems with the pen.

I’d love to see that and hear her thoughts. I hope she says yes!

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Pretty long video test of the pen here, don’t know how many people saw it. I’m not a digital artist but I would think this should be enough to see how decent the V is for this stuff. I believe there have been new drivers released since this video was made, just to keep in mind.

well with that video, the pen doesn’t look promising at all.

I think some drivers address the jittering…

I’ve had my V for 2 weeks, so still learning about it, but I come from using a Surface 3 which whilst a pretty low spec machine, nonetheless had quite good performance in note taking in Onenote.

TL:DR - The pen is pretty good when it works, it just doesn’t work consistently (yet) due to software issues

You wanted detail, here you go… my thoughts on OneNote performance on my m3 V . I’ve generally put this all over the place on the forum, but I’ll try to address your points (and more) all in one place:

(note all of the below is my experience of using the pen with the standard Onenote for Windows 10 software)

  • initially felt very good, pretty much the same as the Surface 3
  • I get straight lines using the ruler function
  • OneNote for Win 10 has more functionality than the old version I had on the Surface 3, e.g. now there is voice recording, maths, ink to text etc
  • A cool feature I haven’t tested in anger is voice recording. You can record voice (e.g. your lecturer) and Onenote will sync it up to your writing. So half way down your notes, you can automatically go to half way through the voice recording if you get what I mean.
  • ink to text isn’t very good. I don’t know if there is any kind of learning, but out of the box it converts with about 60% accuracy. If I write slower and neater and on a level line obviously this % goes up, so this is dependent on the user’s handwriting. To do ink to text on the standard OneNote for Win 10 software you draw a circle around the text you want to convert and then click on the “Ink to Text” button. i.e. it isn’t instant as you write. Once converted, it is very clear, though care to write with the same sized characters as you may find different font sizes. Personally, when I take notes, I leave it in my handwriting, i.e. as if I wrote on paper. I like to use different colours and shapes to annote/ illustrate my thoughts.
  • Not tried these functions as yet, but you can easily insert pictures and screenshots and annotate these
  • The feel of the pen nib on the glass is like plastic on glass, i.e. a little hard. Personally I don’t mind it, but I hear that those who have used SP4 or SP2017 pens which have a softer set of nibs availabe, it is closer to (but not quite) like writing on paper
  • The levels of pressure are so-so imho. The level of force to activate the pen is reasonably strong, i.e. you can’t do super light strokes. The line does get thicker as you push harder, but not massively so.
  • There is some random scrolling/ zooming with my palm when I initially place it on the glass. My Surface 3 did the same. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, putting the nib closer to the screen stops it. I might need to try wearing a glove (looks silly imo) or change my behaviour to put nib first before palm.
  • Subsequently performance for me became very frustrating. I got missed strokes especially when the charger was plugged in (circa 60 to 70% of strokes were missed). In the end, some trial and error discovered that reinstalling the touch driver and / or just simply restarting solved the issue… but only temporarily and it would come back… really hoping this bug can be tracked down and fixed
  • the distance between the nib and the point it draws on the screen isn’t bad, about one mm or less I would say
  • I’ve not had any issues with jittery lines, generally the lines feel smooth and little to no lag either (e.g. I can draw fast circles with no perceptible lag)
  • Not having the ability to turn the pen around to erase isn’t an issue for me. Again I’m used to the two button style from the Surface 3. Then again others used to SP4 style pens might find this annoying. For me, using the nib to erase gives much more accuracy.
  • the pen clip has sharp edges. so if you have the sleeves where there is a loop for the pen, be careful to turn it so the clip faces away from the V, else you may get a nasty scratch
  • the magnets to hold the pen to the V aren’t that strong, but I don’t use this very much to be honest. It kinda blocks USB A port on the right hand side in any case so i don’t bother.
  • whilst I’m going off on a bit of a tangent, when I take notes I usually fold the keyboard back behind the tablet, but when I do this the keyboard magnets get pulled and the pogo pins can come out (no biggie), or the cover comes off (a bit more of a biggie).

EDIT: no review would be complete without a rating. See my general review in the link below, I gave it an 8 out of 10 (when it works), but ongoing intermittent performance is making me rethink this and mark it down, but I’ll give it a bit longer before changing the score. M3 LB - user view - with regular updates over time

Happy to help with any other questions you might have


Spoiler: She likes the iPad Pro with Pencil much better, noting the more sensitive pressure sensor, better IAF (initial Activation Force), and the accuracy of the pen. Surprisingly, she likes the V pen better than the Bamboo Ink

Her drawing on the V


Her drawing on the iPad


And here’s her other drawing (she uses a Wacom pad with a touchbar MBP)


I’ve never used a pen before, so can I get a little help.

So, can I use it with any file (e.g. a Word document or a JPG file?. Is it’s use app specific, or do I have turn it’s functionality ON in a app.

Sorry for the newbie question.

yes you can. The drawing feature is added in almost every standard program of Windows 10. This also means office and your PDF reader. With Onenote you can also take a screenshot and directly write on it.

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Do I have to turn it on, or does start automatically when I use the pen?

Now this was the type of answer I was looking for! Thanks for taking the time to write that up, it helped a lot.

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