Any guide for factory reset?


After I got my V delivered, I made a recovery file to my portable HDD in Windows 10. I tried to install other OS(linux) to dual boot on a separate partition, but it failed several times(I tried to set up the BIOS option with legacy boot, UEFI boot, but all of them did not work). I tried to factory reset V, as this post says, but it only showed me the BIOS setup.

I used windows reset. However, after that, Windows does not perform correctly - I can not launch any programs :frowning: Only after then, I found this thread, the quick guide for your new v, which advises not to reinstall Windows nor install the new OS over the current windows.

I’ve been dealing with this for two days, and just want to factory reset the machine. The support page does not show the way to factory setup. Is there any way to factory reset the machine?

Did you perform the Windows reset from the Settings app?

Yes, on the Windows. I used the Windows reset.

By the way, I created a recovery drive before doing anything else - if that can help.

Calling @iKirin, he has done resets. He might have insight on this.

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Thanks! And can I get the calibration file please?

The calibration file is individual for each device and can only be found on your own device. Eve has no backups of it.

But as you created a recovery copy of the SSD, you could just browse through it after you got windows working again and recover it from there.

Thanks for the reply. I see :slight_smile:

Oh I can not find the recovery image. I created it in the portable HDD but can not find the recovery image from the disk.

And again, in Windows after resetting the system through windows app, I can not launch any apps.

Right at the moment I think the only option is factory reset. Could someone please tell me how to factory reset, please?

Keep in mind it’s like 11/12/ 1am in parts of Europe so you may not get a reply from the team…

I know reappear is in this thread -did you also request formal support via the web site?

Sorry for bugging you multiple times. I found the calibration file though I reset the Windows choosing deleting all the files…

At the moment, I am backing up the calibration file.

@reappear, @iKirin: After messing up with partitions and resetting windows using Windows(I chose to delete all the files), Windows does not work properly(can not launch any desktop apps), and partitions still messed up. However, I do find the calibration file and any other file in the “C:\ProgramData”

I would like to perform factory setup. Could you please let me know what I should back up before the factory setup, and how to perform the factory setup?

Thank you all for the help!

Unsolicited advice and the team / nor anyone is responsible for my post or suggestion but previous discussions came up about you can use a standard window 10 image off a USB and due to uefi holding the license it should work. Will it? I haven’t tried it. Others can comment if they have tried it.

I personally would wait for someone from the team to get in touch with you.

I first when to the support page and try to figure out with faq but couldn’t.

I sent an email to If that’s the request for the formal support…

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I can wait :slight_smile:

Yes that works. for anyone elses reference


There are some smart and unique ways through which you can clean up the unwanted files and apps and make your Windows 10 PC a fresh. These methods I found on the web while searching. Let’s find out that here.

Out of curiosity, was the issue you had with the ‘windows reset’ one where you couldn’t open any of the ‘modern’ apps? (i.e settings, edge, cortata, etc.)?

I have also run into that issue, but resolved it with the nuclear option of a clean install (from a USB disk, the clean install from the recovery image didn’t work either). I would back up the calibration and figure out how to load it later. One caveat with this method is the lack of published drivers, but we’re working on a solution here:
Basically, install windows, download the file, figure out what drivers you need, install, and profit.
Note that there are a lot of redundant drivers, ergo the 16gB file size but we’re working to flesh this out and only find the custom drivers we need.

Ah man, I spotted an error. It’s ok, FTFY buddy!

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Yes. I did reset my windows through windows app, and can’t open the desktop apps.

Did you make the USB disk from windows, too?

Eve support replied that I can reset the Windows with “power button + volume down button”. I tried Windows reset with this method, but I encountered exactly same problem(I can not launch any of the desktop app). Also it does not do anything with the partition. All I wanted to do is bring eve V to the factory state…

Yes, I made a completely vanilla windows from an ISO