Any good keyboards for the V?

Hey guys, I’m looking for a relatively cheap but good keyboard for the V. The one which shipped with my V was faulty and it doesn’t seem like the team can deliver on replacements any time soon (I’ve dropped them a few emails and created another support request since Mar but still nothing…). I start college in Sep so I’m preparing for the worst case scenario where I’ll have to get an alternative keyboard. Looking for something light but reliable. Any recommendations?


Do a seach and you’ll find some threads about this. Here’s one that seemed to be a decent option .


I’m using Logitech K480. So bar the best BT wireless I’ve ever used in my life. Connecting to many different devices just works like a charm! Except that it has no backlighting, everything else just beats Eve V’s keyboard easily! :rofl:

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I’m using MS Surface Keyboard - I need often numeric block:

Mate… im in the same sinking boat as you. My keyboard has been out of action since march. Support has been really slow but on Monday, veli got back to me after 3 weeks as said " we are make final preperation to make a new batch of keyboards […] your replacement should be shipping in mid-late june." :anguished: hope support is in contact with you soon.

Did you notice the USB-“legacy”-ports on the V? You could even attach a real keyboard. A keyboard with mechanical switches. c:

Maybe, someday, if I receive my V, I will be able to give away my V-keyboard (US-layout), because I don’t need it. I am addicted to my Planck-keyboard and have to use it on every computer.

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Technical yes. The bottom keyboard port follows usb 2.0 standards. Btw honest i bought into the tablet form factor cause i really need a ultra portable device. Since my keyboard broke… I’ve been using the on screen keyboard at it is such hell. Also anothe complaint i have woth the keyboard is that in bluetooth mode… you can send multiple simultaneously registered key stroke but you can’t send track pad imput at the same time and vise versa. :relaxed:hope u get ur V


I use this one for the SP4, but hope it works with the V. Only BT, but backlight, battery monitor, real on-off button…
and I am surprised how pleasant it is to type with it, surprised b/c it is cheap.
Touchpad is a bit … funky? though…

Does it / did it work on your eve v?

oh it’s been a while :sweat_smile: since I posted that!!
And since then I have my V (sold the SP4), since then I use it with the V, and dropped (sold) the V-keyboard and this one works like a charm :blush:

but does it attach well to the V?
it does seem to have magnets

@adt awesome to hear - how do you charge the keyboard as presumably it doesn’t attach to the eve v. Thanks for responding.

I would also be interested in the answer to @PBem’s question. Thanks for the help

hm… no the pogo pins are not hte same in the V and in the SP…, it does not attach. I never tried to use it attached, actually, I cut this part where the plastic pins are on…
sorry, not helpful…

it has a USB micro B plug & cable to charge it from the outlet…

Well, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with troubles with his V-keyboard, and no replacement 7 weeks after having been promised one by support… :neutral_face:

Edit: Oh wait, those first posts are from May 2018, not May 18th this year. Oh my…
So, nothing has gotten better in two years?!

Edit 2: Alright, I get that this might not be relevant after 2 years, but isn’t flagging it as inappropriate/offensive a bit much? You could’ve just left it be.


Same problem with keyboard - after 2 years it has stopped working. And Eve support page do not offer to buy one, because of the situation in the world (I suppose).
So any advice on good keyboard for Eve are welcome…

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Scroll up and checkout the unit that @adt is using. I have a Brydge. It’s good but not perfect. There’s a little but of lag sometimes and if you’re a fast typer you may experience missed key strokes. Trackpad is small.


I haven’t found any good alternative keyboard, maybe I’ll try bridge, but hopefully eve is able to produce new keyboards, if there is enough demand in the future.

Maybe a poll could be made?

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No response from support after corona crisis ended.

Bought Brydge keyboard instead, because of need to work. I am a satisfied for now, just touchpad js not si responsive as for Eve original keyboard, but the build is much more sturdier and no Alcantara :slight_smile: