Any good app for battery monitoring

Hello! Can you suggest good app for monitoring battery? Something with stats like how long V stands on battery since last charging (only when it turn on, not with sleep mode etc), what drains battery (which app), something like on Android apps.

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Battery bar pro should fit but the pro version isn’t free. There is a 30 days test period.

Windows itself can gives you the desired information if I understand you correctly.
You can find it if you click on battery consumption per app in the Windows control panel. It’s directly under the battery percentage.

I’m all with Masters for Battery Bar - used that on my old notebook and after a few full discharges (read: 1-2 weeks) the estimates have gotten very accurate. :slight_smile:

For what drains the battery, I think it’s a good chunk of trial & error and checking your taskmanager from time to time to see what eats battery like a overweight kid candy.
I don’t know where Windows would give that info @Masters888 would you please tell? That sounds great to know! :smiley:

Settings > Battery > Battery Usage by App
does what it says, includes both UWP and x86 programs

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@Artur_Jedrzejewski, do the above replies satisfy you?

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Thanks for asking this! I’ve been interested too :smile:

I will check them out! Thank you guys.

batterybar looks good in stats, but looks ugly with interface. Any chance for Windows 10 look of this kind of app?

The pro version can be triald for 30 days and afaik keeps the design you chose in that time :slight_smile:

Here’s a good one:

Battery Meter

It’s a rainmeter skin which has a nice battery monitoring skin which you can find here: Dashboard 1.9.1 by OsricWuscfrea on DeviantArt

All I did was change the native colors which is yellow to white and bob’s your uncle.

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