Ansys free for student

Hello Everybody,

I am enjoying my V since few weeks now and I have a question for you.
Do you think it is possible to install this free software with this requirement?

  • Workstation class processor with 4GB ram & 25 GB free disk
  • Graphics card 3d Open gl-capable
  • 64 bit Windows

I do not know if the V will work and if someone already install this kind of software on the V.

Thank for your help

From Wikipedia:

Workstation definition
A significant segment of the desktop market are computers expected to perform as workstations, but using PC operating systems and components. Component manufacturers will often segment their product line, and market premium components which are functionally similar to the cheaper “consumer” models but feature a higher level of robustness or performance.

A workstation class PC may have some of the following features:

  • Support for ECC memory
  • Larger number of memory sockets which use registered (buffered) modules
  • Multiple processor sockets, powerful CPUs
  • Multiple displays
  • Run reliable operating system with advanced features
  • High performance, reliable graphics card

I understand workstation class processor to be Intel Xeon / Core i9 or AMD Ryzen Threadripper / EPYC.

And workstation class GPU is either nVidia Quadro or AMD FirePro / Radeon Pro.

The only integrated GPU tested is Intel Iris Pro Graphics P6300, which is way more powerful than HD615 in the V.

ANSYS is a heavy calculation application and a low power dual core processor with integrated graphics just isn’t going to cut the mustard. It may work with very small models with a limited number of finite elements - and still take a lot of time to do the calculations.

But please give it a go and let me know your results. You can always uninstall the software, if it doesn’t work.


The Eve V will run ansys quite well as the Studentversion don’t use much Triangles at all also Ram on Eve is fairly good it wont be fast but it will work