Another Kabylake Surface clone - Dell Lattitue 5285 3.9GHz with cellular modem

Anyone played with the Dell Surface Pro “5” clone yet? Might have to get a couple to test out the USB type-C docking. Looks like I may be able to get CAD files through Dell’s 3rd-party accessory program - woohoo VESA docking here we come!

It uses a 3:2 aspect ratio screen but at 1920x1280 just like the Surface 3 which is a great cost/battery saver. My old eyes don’t get much value from the extra pixels anyway as proven to myself with a double-blind test .

Love the option to get a cellular modem too!

Ships in 7-10 days

Summarizing the range of models:
$899 - 4GB / 128GB / 2.4GHz / 32Whr

Up to:
$2636.77 - 16GB / 1TB / 3.9GHz / 42Whr / keyboard / 2048 Wacom / LTE modem / 65watt charger

Too bad you can’t have LTE modem and FaceIR at the same time - wither an extra antenna or an extra camera - not both.

I think the coolest feature is the spring-loaded kickstand that automatically deploys to support the tablet when you slap it down on a desk. Really cool engineering!

Just wish the hinges were as strong as the SP4 or had divets like the S3. From the videos it seems a bit floppy when resting your wrist on the tablet when using the Wacom 2048-level pen.

I think the ~32w/hr battery is comical, though. :laughing:

The kickstand idea is neat, though.


Weren’t they supposed to have thunderbolt 3?

And why they all have 128Gb drives ???

The market is a circus…

You can select drive size in customization. Up to 1 TB.

Battery is 42 WHr not 32 …

Too bad it’s not affordable.

And if that fingerprint sensor is on the back of the device where it looks like it is, that’s quite awkward.

Is it cooled by fan? It’s got U Prozessors, which is very interesting. Dell ever was famous for a very precise prozessor setting which leads into low batterie consumption and also low temperatures. Interesting anyhow. Another competitor for the V which makes it more difficult to set prices much over the ones of the igg campaign I think. IMHO my one with the m3 for example meanwhile is reaching a price level which might no longer be interesting for many buyers out there especially if you calculate the shipping and the custom fees.

Not mentioned that eve is a new firm. The warranty problem for Germany also not included…

The warranty is international… don’t worry :slight_smile:

That wasn’t the problem. In Germany you have by law a 2 year warranty. The topic I read was only discussed for one year and maybe 2 years with extra money. I don’t think it would be that way if I buy a device from Helsinki :wink:

In EU you get 2 years of warranty anyways :wink:


Oh, nevermind. Thought it is only German stuff. Nice to know it is an EU law too xD

You get 2 years warranty no matter where you live. It’s Eve’s policy. I think it really doesn’t make sense to shorten it to 1 year with such high quality standards. Eve should actually make it 3 years, like some business laptops, because their quality standards seem to be just as good. That shouldn’t be too hard since their devices just won’t break :smile:


It is 2 years warranty for the IGG purchases.
It is not yet defined how long the warranty period for the web shop sales will be. But Eve should offer a standard one and packages to go on top (e.g. extension +1 year, + 2 years, …).

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Then again, it makes no sense to reduce it. Only cheap chinese OEMs have 1 year warranties, we don’t want Eve to be the same, do we?

That’s not my statement. I only said that it has not been officially stated yet. I did not point out an opinion about what it should be.

Sometimes I have the feeling you have an opinion to everything there is and always want to express it, whether it makes sense or not, here it does not really because you are not a voice of Eve and I bet they’ll discuss with marketing and legal what the best option is.
(No offense)

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Come on, I was just speculating :slight_smile: And yes as a customer I have an opinion on warranties. Is that bad? :smile: