Another Hello from Switzerland

After that my Idea of a Googlemap with the Backers out there got way more reactions than I was thinking of, I should maybe introduce myself :grin:
I’m Toby from Switzerland. I live in the northwest, close to the border to France and Germany. I’m a software engineer of automated warehouses and was looking for a good 2in1 for a long time. Thank’s god I didn’t made any stupid moves and found out about the V and was quickly in love. It has all what I was looking for/ missing in other devices on the market (Thunderbolt/Batterylife/Connectors). I was happy enough to get one as a early bird and looking forward to get mine :blush: You guys made a good job and the result will be an absolut outstanding device. A big THANK YOU belongs to the Team of Eve. You are a true inspiration in how to make business. Even though it’s frustrating to wait for the V I trust you 100% to get it done and make an even better device than we first we’re thinking of :wink:


Welcome to the community!

Awesome to have you Tobi! Great idea with the map!