Android vs. Windows (Phone) and why the hell not iOS? 😁

Since there are several related discussions going on about this in several completely unrelated threads I thought that it would make sense to finally start an own thread about it where the discussions can move to. Happy skull bashing, guys! :blush:

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You have a very good point there. That’s what I dislike the most about Android, and I would probably even switch to WP if it offered the apps I need, and of course the hardware I want.

Regarding customization, I think if WP offered something really compelling, developers/hackers would eventually switch to it. The fact that there is already a jailbreak with such a low market share shows that there is a big “hacking” potential in the platform. When Android was released, it didn’t have any customization options either, so it’s just a matter of having the right developers to exploit the OS and unlock its hidden features.

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iOS in my opinion is a fantastic OS, the main reason to chose it could be the clear interface and the integration with a whole ecosystem that only apple has and that’s my main complaint, if you have an iPhone you’d better have an iMac, an iPad and maybe an apple TV otherwise you won’t take advantage of what apple can offer.
In the other and we have android that lets you free to change the user interface, lets you read the phone memory like a normal USB (forgive my poor specific dictionary :sweat_smile:), lets you chose between not one not two but thousands of phones with different design and feature.
Windows phone has too less applications to be taken for a comparison

Didn’t know that it was that way :no_mouth:

I’d argue now that the number of Apps in Windows Phone is completely sufficient for my needs :wink:


Yeah, Android 1.5 only had some wallpapers to choose from, that’s pretty much all you could do :smile: Then they added widgets and so on… But most of the awesome things are actually made possible by unaffiliated developers :slight_smile: Even the ones that are officially supported by Google and available out of the box: most of them were derived from someone’s else work.


Explains why every company tries to be nice to the open source community all of a sudden :smiley:

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Well on the other hand at least on Android that is possible, with WP you are stuck with the ability to change tile locations, size, colour and that’s it. And no, “I’m happy the way it is” is not an excuse to prevent people from customizing the device to their liking.

Even iOS allows more customization than WP and that’s a pretty sad achievement.

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That is actually part of the reason why developer DOESN’T want to develop app for android and WP. Take the Chinese app market for example, not even one person I know of have ever pay for apps on android (almost 0 people nowadays use WP in China, because some of the major app developer doesn’t care about WP) because apps are easily pirated.

In the end, consumer will still choose the os based on their needs. iOS is easy to use (mostly), tons of app and the hardware that runs it is almost always fantastic.
Android had caught up on the ease of use aspect, almost equal amount of quality apps but because it is a open platform, some hardware that run it cannot give the user a good experience, which in turns make some people think Android is an inferior OS.
WP, well WP is dead even Microsoft knows it… Windows 10 on a phone can be a good idea if more manufacturer is willing to try and give the developers an solid reason to move their apps to Windows.

Really, the main weak spot of Windows 10 Mobile is its app library.

Until there are users, there won’t be apps.
Until there are apps, there won’t be users.

The only way I see for Microsoft to break this cycle and gain a foothold in the industry is if they break either option.

Since there are budget options for Android available, which already has the apps, making a cheap phone to gain more users will not do the trick. They won’t be able to force the users first. They’ll need to force the apps first.

What I think Microsoft has to do is find, say, the top twenty-five most popular apps for iOS and Android. Go to those developers, and give them each a sack of money and a MS programmer to create a Windows version of their app. With the cost of added development reduced or gone, and the potential gains from a larger market still there, why wouldn’t app developers jump on this chance?

Of course, it’s something Microsoft really should have done two, three years ago for greatest effect…

Even people choosing their phone based on the available apps, don’t choose based on wether or not the app store holds 100, 1 000, 10 000, 100 000 or 1 000 000 apps. They would choose based on wether or not all the apps they want are available on the platform.

I’m lucky in that all the apps I want and need are available for Windows 10 Mobile. I like the platform, and I want it to grow. But as it stands, I can not blanket-recommend it to others because I know that they most likely will be missing apps…


I think changing the background color, accent color, having live tiles and the ability to resize them and put them in folders is much better than just a grid of icons (all in the same size) and a customizable wallpaper. Not sure if Android 1.5 had folders, but I don’t think it did :wink:


Because there’s a lot more involved in it than just “creating an app”, keeping it up to date, releasing patches, security issues, user support and most of all - keeping the applications feature parity on all platforms. Small software companies do not have the expertise or time/money to maintain a WP version of the application for little to no real gain in the future - even with that “big sack of money”.

Look at Facebook, they just said fsck it and ported Facebook and Instagram from their iOS versions using their own tools. The end result is a slow, bloated horrible mess that does offer most of the features of the iOS version but at a fraction of the performance and has occasional crashing bugs.

Especially fun when you’re editing your picture / video and it decides to just close itself. “The file is fucking gone - it’s just gone”, as that Mac parody used to say. And this is hardly an isolated issue either, many of the WP apps I’ve tried from the store are incredibly unstable.

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The problem with this approach is that Windows Phone already has all the top used apps. But let’s take an average Joe: he uses “some” of the popular apps as well as some apps specific to his hobby, occupation, region or something else. So to please the masses, you need to satisfy everyone’s individual needs, and not just the most used apps. For example, I have an app for checking bus schedules in Vilnius. It supports live tracking of buses, shows schedules in real time according to current situation (for example if a bus is in a traffic jam, its arrival will be postponed), and so on. This just doesn’t exist on WP and I would have a hard time using public transit here in Vilnius without it. That is my individual need and I think every one of us uses some app that definitely does not get in the top list.


Windows is very easy to get a pirated copy of, but that doesn’t stop Microsoft from investing in the platform :wink:
And also, most apps are very hard to pirate without root, and root voids your warranty. So nope, it’s not as massive as you think :slight_smile:

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I recently changed my phone. I moved from a Windows phone to an Android. I loved nearly everything about the Windows phone, especially the tiles displaying all the info I wanted upfront. What I didn’t like were a few key apps not being available, lots of non-key apps not being available. And what really made the decision for me was the available phones were not for me. The 650 is a bit ordinary, and arguably worse than the one it replaced. The 950 is overkill for my needs, and too expensive sim-free.

I would have loved a Eve Windows phone, or a mid range MS one for that matter. I could have lived with the app choices.

Yeah, the Lumia 830 was in a nice spot between the 600’s and the 900’s with a lot of the 900’s features but not the extra premium in cost, but they never did a good follow-up to that…

Desktop OS is a different situation, Microsoft earns their money through enterprise deployment and OEM.

You underestimated how bad the piracy of Android apps/games is. Again I am taking the Chinese market for example (because of the huge amount of device there). Since Google got banned from the mainland China, Play Store is not installed in any of the Android phone sold in China. Third party app markets took the place of play store and are pre-installed. International developers have no way to keep up with all these 3rd party app market since almost every phone manufacturer has their own version of it. Where do these app markets get their content then? They pay programmer to crack popular apps and games (sometime even translate them) so that more people will go to their app market and click on the ad. Root is not necessary.

Also rooting your phone does not void warranty on every phone anymore. Oneplus and Xiaomi (has one of the bigger market share in China) offer warranty on rooted devices also.

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Id argue that most people don’t know enough to maintain their phones. They will add a ton of widgets on the home screen, and then complain that their “Samsung” is much slower than their friends’ iPhone. They will install 3 “RAM cleaner” apps and 2 “anti-virus” apps, then complaint when their phone gets unstable, hot, and slow.

It is the same reason why Apple and Microsoft Surface stay away from selling bargain-basement cheap devices, because they tend to be slow and degrading the perception of the brand in general.


To give some links for a more advanced debate on app gap of Windows 10 Mobile. I really like for its point of view: App gap Windows Mobile to iOS/Android

And here is there list of the very best Windows mobile apps.

For me: I know that I could do a lot more with more apps than I can do now with my W10M phone but on the other side I really like the design and the UX - the others are more like my old Symbian… In addition, my social environment does not want me to do more with the phone anyway…


Oh, yeah it’s different in China. But it’s the government’s fault for banning Google Play :slight_smile: It’s like banning Windows Store from Windows Phone devices, that would inevitably result in either: a) complete capitulation of the platform or b) piracy like you described. I think the b option is better, because people will still use free ad-supported apps and at least some of them will buy the apps they use.
Here in Europe, and in the US, most manufacturers lock their bootloaders and it’s very hard to root a device without voiding the warranty, and in many many cases it’s not possible at all. So, the vast majority of people don’t even bother with that because even if it’s possible with their phone, it’s quite hard and they’re too lazy to look into it. For example, I was the only one in my class with a rooted phone, even though every classmate except 1 or 2 had Android phones. So, most apps are not pirated over here.