Android RAM usage Display app

Dear community
I’m looking for a app that can Display on my Android Tablet which apps use how much RAM right now and not over a duration of 3h or whatever. Like older versions of Android did. This way it was easy to Spot the RAM hogging culprit that is slowing down my poor Tablet.

Unfortunatly the amount of trash apps in the gstore is rly sad and i couldn’t find any decent one.

Does someone know an app that would give me the ability to individually clear the Cache used by an app and displaying me all the apps that use RAM?

I used to use All In One Toolbox, which worked okay. It’ll clean caches, and show you what processes are using RAM and CPU and let you choose what to kill.

So you can choose on which app you want to clear the Cache?

I’ve Seen the app but it didn’t catch me.

Clear the cache of the specific app? I can’t remember if it does that, but I know you can from settings.

Settings > storage > internal device storage > apps

Well i know that.
I don’t rly want to download an app that i use 20% of(realtime RAM momitoring) and is filled with ads.

Maybe i’m a bit edgy.

Any app is gonna have overhead, the best thing to do is kill processes you don’t need in settings, and clear caches in settings. You can also install ccleaner, run it, then uninstall. Throw it back on a few months…

There’s never really a good option to easily speed up your device without that overhead sadly.

Guesse i gotta downgrade my OS then, i don’t get security Patches anyway.

Calling ads overhead is hilarious.

Ads are irrelevant, as they don’t really change the functionality or backend of the app. For many apps you can pay a couple dollars to lose the ads if you so choose.

The overhead I’m talking about is, for example, a RAM monitoring app that uses a lot of RAM or processing power just to run. In effect, it’s mostly useless. None of those apps will use zero resources, it’s just a matter of finding the most efficient - a number I tried noticeably slowed the device, the app I mentioned seemed to have the best overall performance.

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I tried it and it doesn’t show the apps that use RAM, you can only clear everything which I don’t want.