An un-boxing addition?

Hi EVEryone!

I’Ve (obViously) been following all of the prototype testing and reViews Very carefully! One of the things I have noticed (and I loVe!) is the the EVE V is unique. It LOOKS unique!

Which led me down this horror train of thought - that of me sitting quietly trying to smash out some uni work but being constantly interrupted by curious passerby’s asking “hey man… what tablet is that? Is that the new SP5???” or something similar… which, while a great noVelty to begin with, would probably start to get frustrating!

So… a solution?

I was wondering if the EVE team would consider including a small stack of business cards in the box with the EVE?

Something with the logo, a QR code, some snide yet funny remark and directions to the website etc etc that we can hand to those interested without oVerly disrupting our rEVElling in this glorious product - I’m sure we have some community members that are much much (MUCH) more creatEVE then I to come up with something suitable…?

Yeah. Thoughts?


Wow, please stop it with the big V’s and stuff, it gets really annoying after the first one. I honestly think handing someone a business card when they ask what device that it makes you look like a huge douche …


That’s a great idea! Would cost next to nothing and hopefully drive a few sales!

@Mike @Konstantinos @iKirin

what do you guys think?


It’s like “talk to the hand cause the face isn’t listening. Now scram.” Without opening your mouth


Hahaha yeah sorry about the V’s - I’m currently in that weird mental state severe lack of sleep does to you, I just read over my post and it annoyed me too!

As for the douchery… fair enough!
Maybe staring at someone and silently handing them a card would make you look like a bit of a wanker, but I’ve had a lot of people genuinely interested in the Eve having some details written down to hand to them would have been useful.

Of course IF the Eve did arrive with a small stack of tastefully done advertising material, It would be up to the user as to whether or not they used it…


My favorite way to communicate :wink:

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it depends on how you do it - just like everything in life, how you respond is up to you.

You can be rude and just hand them the card and ignore them, or you can use their question as an excuse to engage them and tell them about the product. Personally, I’d take the latter approach.