An eve desktop pc

What would be the chances of having desktop or all in one pc made or at least be on discussion


Actually the chances will pretty low.


Since Eve is pretty much community driven, if there are a lot of discussions of people wanting a desktop PC of any kind (e.g. traditional PCs, ultracompact desktops, All-in-ones), we cannot deny the possibility.

However, as you already see, the community seems to want mobility devices rather than desktop PCs, at least for this time being. Therefore I too believe that the next Eve product would unlikely be a desktop PC.


Desktop PC? I guess most people in here are tech ethusiast, designer. etc. so, they prefer build their own PC by themself… :slight_smile: - chances will be very low


I build my own but I would not be opposed to have a good one with good features or gaming grade all in one

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I would love to have an awesome all-in-one! EveOne! :slight_smile: with a slide out screen that can be changed (just screw different panels to the slider mechanism) and when you slide out the screen you see all the internals and can freely change them :smiley: and the most important thing: Simple elegant design! :slight_smile:


I’d rather hook up my V to a V-branded monitor and call it a day :thinking:


Yeah, as the others say: Chances are low but I would support it.
I am not in this business - so first we would have to have a look what the others producers are really missing and where is the niche where Eve could make it better. I have no overview about the desktop market but I feel that in most cases you get what you want from the current producers.

PS: My usual supplier (Shuttle XPC cube) trims down its up to date products that I cannot buy one at the moment - although I need one… For example in the newest ones I miss the SPDIF output and the opportunity for a Blu-ray drive.

I would love something like this, but as has been stated, our Community seems to be mostly people who build their own PCs and want a mobile device.

Personally, I’d love an Eve mini-PC - one of those that could fit in the palm of your hand.

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I’m a big enthusiast but I can see where a Eve desktop PC could have market space.

If you take the model of something like the Surface studio as an example, you can’t really diy something like that for yourself. But the surface studio is heaps expensive and not great for gaming/upgrading parts. So there could be a space for Eve


Though most of the comments seem to lean towards “nah, I’d rather have something mobile”, I’m curious to see:

What do you think would set the Eve desktop PC apart from its competitors? What can Eve bring to the table that is unique? Or --since you brought it up I assume you’re not content with the current offerings out there-- what do you think is missing from the desktop PC market currently?

I’m looking forward to seeing your thoughts on the matter, Donnie, and maybe we can turn this discussion topic from “why would you want that”-style comments into “you’re right! I want that too!”


I really like the idea of good surface studio pc micersoft had all pc there but the specs why I didn’t get one even though I like design and screen

Hey guys
I have discovered what I consider the perfect mobility desktop PC for my needs.
As well I have my laptop and soon my V.

At each end of my travels I have a resident screen, keyboard and mouse.

I take with me each time my “MINI” box which is only 112x119x47 mm (1.8 x 4.4 x 4.7 inches) - It’s a Gigabyte Brix

The GPU (Intel® HD Graphics 620) is OK for me and can run 4K. I installed an i7-7500U 3.5GHz, with 16GB RAM(can go up to 32GB) and an SSD 1Tb M.2 hard drive with room for a second drive (PCIe M.2) if I want.

It’s so small I carry it with my hand luggage for safety.

One small problem is that the cooling fan is like a hair dryer when it’s really under load.
But otherwise much smaller than the towers I used to use.

Various configurations are available to suit your budget, and there are others on the market including the Intel NUC etc.

I’m not sure of the market size for these, but might be good for Eve to look at as a possibility.


If a mini PC with a i7/U cpu, is enough for your needs, then, probably, a 2in1 is also enough; in which case it would make more sense for EVE to develop a dock with an external GPU plus whatever soft/hard ware combination is needed to allow for the simultaneous use of an external monitor and the V’s screen (doubling up as a digitizer / handwriting input device)

[ps - I still use an Intel NUC with an i7-5557U and a 256GB Samsung M2 SSD - my files are stored in a Synology NAS; frankly, RAM and storage space are still far more important to me than CPU power - but, then, I am not a gamer, and I am not doing CAD, video editing, or software development]



You’re spot on.
A Eve V and an external dock with a good GPU would be the ducks nuts for me.

I currently use a Toshiba Dynadock which is good but not great.

I never was a gamer, just a bit old for that.

I just enjoy the extra power and probably can’t really justify it, but it’s there whenever I do though.

But then again I like fast cars and bikes too.

As others already mentioned: With the Surface Studio in mind and maybe the new iMac Pro, when it comes out, we can try to make better what they didn’t do good.
Things that come to my mind and that we can do (I think):

  • Eve can definitely push the price or offer upgradeability with the same price compared to Apple/Microsoft (or push the price and offer upgradeability😱)
  • We need a very colour accurate display (add to that a good pen and some studio-like mechanism and we have a perfect working tool for the artsy type of people)
  • Nice peripherals (maybe partnering with Cherry/RAZER/Logitech/whoever)
  • Awesome sound is always good imo and could help with video editing, etc.
  • We need some real desktop power! Mobile specs won’t help in that market
  • Very good passive and active cooling to reduce the amount of noise and increase efficiency
  • Lots of ports! Ports are always good :wink: (and we could add a real ethernet - no size restrictions)
  • Integrate Bluetooth maybe? Can also be handy sometimes!
  • I’m still a fan of CD/DVD/Blu-ray drives, but I understand that many people don’t need it

That’s what I could come up with spontaneously :slight_smile: feel free to add and criticise anything :wink:


A 30" touchscreen monitor with 4096 pressure levels and the kind of colour gamut and accuracy that you are asking for would cost an arm and a leg, most users would rather buy the beast separately and upgrade the pc unit (which might even be a mini-pc) regularly; the Studio is not even a niche product, it is a concept/showcase product which was introduced by MS in order to prove that it can beat “the fruit” in its own game.

Now, if EVE could actually build such a monitor at half the price of the equivalent EIZO, that would be a different story, but let’s be realistic here …

I don’t know how you define niche and what the exact sales figures were, but it won’t be for everyone, yes. And I just know that the number of orders was double than what Microsoft expected. So, I think that there is a market for it. And I’m also just hypothesizing here :wink: we would need at least half a year to a year of discussions to have a final product :smiley:
About the price: I thought about 2000-4000$ depending on the specs. (These are random figures. I haven’t even checked possible GPUs/CPUs I would prefer) And I think that you could get a good screen plus digitizer for 500ish. This is again random. I have no idea about the screen prices. It’s just what I had in the back of my head :slight_smile:

Maybe you should have a look here

or here

and they are not even touchscreen!


(yes, there are some budget choices among them, but if we are talking eizo or nec, which are the true pro monitors its quite a different story)

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I’m not sure, if you can compare a pro monitor to a panel that could be used for an all-in-one. AFAIK EIZO has all these auto-calibrating features included, right? So, they are naturally more expensive than just a screen since you don’t have the extras.
I thought more about something of the quality built into the V and also factory calibrated. But I’m no expert at all in this, so my idea about pricing might be completely wrong, but also the V’s display isn’t the 1000$ region. And I think that panels for ~1000$ monitors won’t cost more than 300-500$ for a manufacturer. So, when I was talking about a very colour accurate display, I didn’t mean a 4000$ monitor, but rather a panel that could be built into a very good or even professional monitor like the V’s :slight_smile:
Thanks for the articles though! Very interesting :slight_smile: