An American Liquid Metal Smartphone, manufactured in Finland?

A California based newcomer, called Turing Robotic Industries, is entering the markets with a new smartphone - expectedly April this year.

Interestingly enough, they have chosen Jolla’s Sailfish as the Operating System. Sailfish was probably chosen because of its security attributes.

Another interesting fact is, that TRI has chosen manufacturing location of their new device to be in the Nokia’s old facilities in Salo, Finland.

According to company’s CEO, Steve Chao, the choice was made based on favorable Privacy laws in Finland.

Finland’s recent move to reduce corporate tax rate from previous 24% to 20% - one of the lowest in EU - might have had some weight in the scales as well :wink:

Indeed, the phone seems to stress end-to-end security. On their web page they empasize the security features are complimented with stronger than steel liquid metal chassis.

Turing Home Page
TRI’s Facebook page
Article about the matter in Tech Crunch


Cool! Did you have any idea related to the device? For instance, did you like any particular part of the device (emphasis on security, design…)?

I’m curious about the liquid metal. Will find out more! Also having some manufacturing activities going on in Finland can’t hurt a company like us :slightly_smiling: Maybe one day some of Eve Devices are also manufactured in Salo!


I remember when Apple boutgh the company making liquid metal. I was scared it would give then an enormous advantage - in the end they’ve used if, IIRC, just for SIM tray.

They’re on a PR rampage now.
They have the hype now, but can they deliver on their promise?

What a bullshitty bullshit.


A desktop computer with these specs (cameras, screen, etc. included as external peripherals) would cost way over $2000 (let’s exchange that dual Snapdragon for the cheapest possible dual Xeon setup). Now imagine them having to squeeze everything in a phone body. Well ok, not a phone, since it’s HUGE, but still! I call BULL$#!+ !

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yeah those specs look trolling mates… Anyways even if they werent, the price of this thing would beat off consumers with a stick…

However if they deliver, I might quit eve and start working for this company :smiley: :smile:


I like the idea and the Design of the turing phone, but sadly the whole Company doesn’t make a very trustable appearance.
I withdrawed my order After waiting over 6 months for the Device and getting delayed over and over again :frowning:

If anyone is interested in one, do yourself a favor and wait another half year. Then you can make a far better judge

Ps: I got fully refunded :smiley:

Its a very mysterious phone but indeed the specs sound too good to be true. Especially for the price, since they use so much tech that is not widely used that they basically have to produce very limited quantities - probably themselves. That’s expensive.

The only way I would believe it, if it was based on some unused Nokia R&D patents…

Apparently some ppl. Got pre end products(?), so you can look on YT for some early reviews if you like.

Interesting… but i don’t believe they will make it like that… what a brick :smile: lol

The Most interesting thing about these is the so called “swordfish OS”, its said to be based on sailfish. In the ad its stated to be a deep learning AI. Very interested in such kinda stuff :3

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