An amazing Eve Phone

Hey everyone!! Here’s a complete revamp of this thread!

I came here to ask you all if we could crowdbuild an Android smartphone just like we are doing with the project codenamed pyramid flipper (the Eve V!).

I was thinking about making a “custom-made Surface Phone” (the secretly developing project from the Surface team that is rumored but may not even exist haha) in the sense that it would be as we wish.

This is more of a concept. A high-end one for that matter. Why? First, Eve’s way of doing business (not having middle men) works best with high-end devices. Second, we all know that tech enthusiasts are crazy :wink:

I heavily adapted the post to reflect Microsoft’s departure from Windows Phone/Windows Mobile.

Here’s a list of possible features the device could have so it’s easier to track down. The ones that are most important to me are in bold.

  • OS: Android with latest version
  • Processor: latest top-tier Snapdragon; Exynos top-of-the-line;
  • Dual Sim capability (independent or not of the micro SD card)
  • Micro SD card (depending on the internal storage) up to 2TB with, if supported, adoptable storage.
  • Water and Dust proof; maybe certified MIL-STD-810
  • Great Front and Rear cameras with triple led flash for more natural exposures and OIS for the rear one; physical camera button on the right side is a must-have. The rear can have dual cameras.
  • Removable back/battery
  • Wireless Charging
  • Quick Charging
  • NFC
  • Latest Bluetooth spec
  • USB-C (supporting audio out) - full USB (3.1)
  • 3.5mm audio connector
  • Iris scanning/fingerprint scanning (on the back)
  • Internal storage - 32GB/64GB/128GB
  • High-fidelity recording
  • 4GB/8GB RAM (would be nice!)
  • Fantastic 5.0’'/5.5’’ Display with slim bezels! (FHD, QHD maximum - there’s no substantial gain with the increased number of pixels and it takes a powerful toll on your phone’s performance and battery) - OLED? Transreflective? PSR? IGZO?Other?
  • QWERTY physical keyboard (like Blackberry ones)
  • 3D touch
  • Security features
  • Enterprise features
  • Wacom Stylus
  • Compatible with the Eve V dock
  • 4000mAh battery
  • Great audio components (DAC, Dual Front Facing Speakers…)
  • No Bloatware
  • Headphone jack. I’ve not yet decided if it is a must-have or almost that. If we could have a reliable adapter from USB C to USB C and Headphone jack it would be enough.

Imagine if we could get that with good repairability - I mean, being able to repair the screen if it shatters for 50 or even 100$ would be better than most.

The Razer phone is probably the phone that I consider closest to what I would want. I love everything from the design (even if we have those bezels!) to the 120Hz display. :slight_smile: But there are a couple things I would improve on it:

  • Camera quality + button (could be addressed with software)
  • Volume and Power buttons (please don’t make them like that again! It doesn’t look at all nice in my opinion)
  • Headphone jack
  • Waterproofing
  • Vibration engine (have you heard it rattle in MKBHD??)

P.S. The idea of crowdbuilding a WP [now turned into android] isn’t mine. I took it from one of Windows Central’s comments (from user spider-rocket) and thought it was a very cool idea we could pursue.

That’s it folks!


Hi @Artur!
Happy to have you here! Your suggestion gave me an idea to create a category #whats-next where people can make suggestions on what the next project after ▼ should be! You have an amazing idea here and I am sure many community members would support it. I have moved your topic there now!

I have always wanted a kick-ass windows phone!


Fantastic to see you liking my idea. Looking forward to hearing what other people have to say regarding my suggestion. Keep those ideas flowing!


Feel free to invite folks you know from other communities/friends to support this idea! It’s very easy to invite friends to our community you just press invite button in your profile or in the end of this thread:)

Once more ideas are submitted we will make sure to make a vote about Eve Phone! :smiley:


Thanks for the advice! Sure. I would be glad to see how many votes this gets.

Sounds awesome! My main focus on a flagship phone is the camera, which is really what brought me to Windows Phone in the first place because of the second-to-none camera tech at that time. So if we could get ahold of some legit camera technology and get a real showstopper of a camera in there, I’m all for it!


My holy lord! How many like minded people. I would love love love this to happen. It would be crazy. We could ask the Lumia team for help with the camera (I think Microsoft will be willing because this is a Windows phone in the end).
1080p is more than enough though. I agree with more pixels ruining performance. 5.0 inch displays are perfect too.



More than megapixels, we should keep in mind a larger sensor size. It will reduce low light noise like crazy. Also it gives gorgeous depth of field (out of focus areas). 20mp is good enough.
Do this already! I am drooling over this concept phone.

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Try getting people to know this thread by sharing the link of the post.

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It also needs to have killer sound!

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Great idea with the camera! We could ask the lumia and maybe surgace team for help for sure! There are great technologies put there (like pureview) that make for awesome pictures.
I agree with the 5.0 size (5.2 isn’t bad either; 5.5 starts to be too big) because it is big enough to see everything and small enough to fit in the palm of our hand and pockets. Regarding the resolution I think 1080p is enough but its quality should be superb.
I prefer to have a thicker phone if that means great battery life.
And design? What do you think? Similar to the Surface devices? Similar to the Lumia 950? What materials, colours ans finishes would you prefer?
What do you think about the processor we should use? I was thinking about either a top-notch qualcomm snapdragon or an intel atom…


WOW Sounds awesome. Make a Microsoft / eve logo hybrid logo on it though.

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Yeah, it would be awesome if we could get a partnership of some sort between Eve and Microsoft. I’m seeing already ideas flowing on my mind about things that could be done :slight_smile: For example, help on the camera, help with the sound (via the partnership Microsoft has with Dolby), iris scanning, camera button (obvious choice for WP lovers)…


You could search for each companies and their phone’s strengths and technologies (for example BoomSound on the M8) and try to get a partnership since you’re a small company.

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Yes, their oversampling algorithms will be particularly useful.
I totally agree. 5.2 inches edges on what will be call manageable. 5.5 inches is outright humongous.

I believe with a 9mm thickness, a decent battery can be achieved. Lumia 950 does a 3000mah at 8.7 mm I believe. I will admit I am not the right person to tell exactly what can be in it, Lumia 950 gives a rough reference.

I think an aluminium body, with the design of the Nokia N9. Like the top and bottom being polycarbonate/rubber as the antennae. So we won’t have those hideous antenna lines. Aluminium would be coloured like the Nokia n8. Again, the aluminum would have to be the 7000 series used in iPhone 6s and Galaxy S6.

I would like to give intel a shot at the processor. Their offerings are competitively priced. Also having x86 will give us the flexibility of running windows programmes should Microsoft ever take that up. But that might be a bit too ambitious. Regardless, intel processors seem to be power efficient et al. We could go for a snapdragon too. But no media tek and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, sound can be via dolby. Dual front firing speakers would be sweet. But the slits gor the speakers would not be too large otherwise the length of the phone will shoot up.

Instead of aluminium I’d like magnesium… and to make somehow a removable back where we could put a nack in metal, leather, ceramic, policarbonate, kevlar… It would have to have a good grip (so no glass) and could be available in various colors (nokia lumia ones and others).

I’m sorry but I really don’t like the design of the n9. For me, the back of the OnePlus 2 is gorgeous. Other phones with great designs are the L650 (for a low-end phone it is a really great design), the L830, the Priv and the HTC M8. I actually like the camera hump on the 1020 (only by looking to photos).


Yeah I agree. There should be done a comparison between the processors of both companies. I heard that the exynos (samsung) and kirin (huawei) are also very good. Is it true?