AMD's Vega is here!

< rip post :joy: >

I will not miss you

I think it’s going to be faster or as fast as GTX1080 but slower than GTX1080Ti,
it would retail at around GTX1080’s current price…

Just checked, I think it’s an April Fools

Oh well, VEGA THREAD ANYWAY! :smiley:


I think this belongs here :wink:

Nonetheless let’s say I’m still quite e-x-c-i-t-e-d about Vega and my future egpu build :wink:

My first car was a Vega. I can tell you, it’s not as fast as it looks. :wink:


So, these two cards are now competing against each other in performance and price:


  • GTX 1080: Released May 2016 | TDP 180W | Die Size 314mm2 | MSRP: $499 USD
  • RX Vega 64: Released July 2017 | TDP 295W | Die Size 484mm2 | MSRP: $499 USD

1 fps more, more than one year later, the same price, over 100W, almost a whole GTX 1060 higher TDP.

AMD earned this


If it looks like that, it doesn’t need to be fast <3

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I’m quite happy to see that AMD will launch another Nano card for people that need something for a mini pc case or a small form factor egpu. I’m planning to buy an Akitio Thunder3 or equivalent with a Vega Nano.


Every single time I wanted to buy AMD I end up buying nVidia :unamused:

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RX Vega may be in short supply, if rumours about its crypto currency hash rates are correct…

If that article is correct I at least hope that retailers implement a ‘2 cards per buyer max’-rule or so. Q.Q

I waited long for VEGA and if rumors are true the VEGA 56 is a pretty decent card for gaming and such - and I’d really like to grab one for a decent price, pretty please?

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I can see certain miners going around that rule by asking their employees or friends to buy them, then the company /miner will reimburse them. It’s not a perfect system unfortunately so, it’ll run out very soon again. I’ll stick with my R9 390X for the time being (being a student with a minimum wage job kind of prevents me from getting one anyway.)

Well, still it’d limit the miners from buying like literal hundreds of cards (that happened more than once to be honest).

Also @Patrick_Hermawan I’m not talking the full Vega 64 which seems to be overhyped in terms of gaming performance, but the 56 which should be more competitive against a 1070 (between 1070 and 1080) with a decent TDP of 210W.

I don’t mind a bit hotter of a card if it’s cooled properly and I don’t have to pay as much for it as for a 1070 :slight_smile:
And sure, call me biased because in that regard I obviously am and for my private usage I don’t mind having a bias towards a company :wink: As long as in the professional view I can just go by hard numbers and help bring the best product to life :smiley:


It’s amazing to see Vega finally here, even if it’s not everything one could hope for.
I find it silly to hear that some people call it weak, bad or trash. Apart from no real benchmarks to say so or otherwise, it being here is precious because of competition. I don’t care that Nvidia was here first with 10xx products and that they may be as well faster and cooler and quieter - the fact that customers do have a choice is what counts and Vega seems to be ok in general.

It reminds me of 2900 years ago.


I highly doubt that, just look back a few years ago and see what cryptocurrency mining did to AMD card prices upon its launch, the days of $900 R9 290s where the competitor was nearly half the price at the time. Miners are just (sorry if this might be offensive) mental.

It is also terrible, in my opinion, to buy a product that is inferior for the use case, just because of the brand.

Of course, if your intention to buy a card is cryptocurrency mining, then I would say Vega is the best choice today (assuming its available, and the price is not inflated).

I would say AMD should have released a “Vega Miner Edition” and promote GPU mining, as I think it is a strength they have, and they are not really taking advantage of it. Instead of fighting in the existing market against an (arguably) stronger competitor, why not create your own market and dominate the crap out of it?

Yes it is true, but if a product is inferior in a certain area, there is no use in hiding the fact. Its a matter of which product suits you and your use cases best, as I mentioned above.

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@Patrick_Hermawan @iKirin
See this, first bench rumour, seems to be better than the 1070 AMD's Radeon RX Vega 56 Graphics Card Is Allegedly Faster Than A GTX 1070 - Gaming Benchmarks Leaked

Those were the rumors I was refering to - faster than a 1070, hopefully a tad cheaper and I can deal with the higher TDP.

@Patrick_Hermawan Yes, Mining can definitely increase the prices into insane levels, but if they really spike into those levels, I might just not grab a GPU. According to AMD they’ve delayed VEGA to bring up supply, but let’s see if I can grab a VEGA day one :wink:

Maybe at a smaller local retailer that also pretty matches the online prices - otherwise I’ll not really grab a VEGA.