AMD Radeon RX 6000 Announcement

So, what do you guys think of the new GPUs announced? I’m excited to see competition in the high-end market from AMD.


If the reviews prove what the 1st-party shows, I will buy the 6800xt as a more power-efficient 3080 at a lower cost.


If they prove to be as powerful as they seem I’m hoping to see a good response from Nvidia since I use software that’s much more optimized for Nvidia GPUs.


Very impressive GPU launch today. Great for Nvidia to have some competition.


amazing launch and a new king of graphics card. green is dead. long live team RED

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Can anyone comment on AMD’s software? I’m admittedly a Green and Blue team player, and I’ve only had a couple mediocre experiences with a few red team products over the years.

The thing I’d always been told was that AMD’s drivers and software where usually more lacking and buggier than Nvidia’s offerings. Is this still true for the most part? Or are they on par by now?

I know I’ve had my eye on an AMD CPU upgrade for a while now as their core count and per-core instruction speed have gotten so much better. It could be an interesting experiment to switch to an AMD GPU as well :slight_smile:


This exactly 2020202

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I also agree with the apparent consensus here, very impressive showing from AMD this year. They are on a roll with RX5K series and now Big Navi is hitting well-above where people were expecting only a month ago.

I’m also hoping Nvidia makes a competitive move now.

Ultimately, for me, it’s probably going to come down to the first high end card that I can actually purchase.


According to the reviews I watched from Hardware Unboxed, it appears that the 5700xt driver was particularly buggy; however, it has been almost wholly fixed as of now, and there are whispers that the Red team has intentionally postponed the 6000 series launch to ensure the driver is well-optimized. By the way, AMD graphics control software is much fancier than the control panel of Nvidia’s, with animations added.

For Ryzen CPUs, I have never heard any similar concern; the 3600 that I’m using simply works on my x570 Unify motherboard.


Neither of them have a great track record for drivers. If you have been using either brand for a long time you have faced driver issues in the past, including Nvidia. I would guess that AMD is going to do a better job this time around. Part of the problem with RDNA 1 was a hardware bug that was not easy to fix with software. That took some time to fix and resulted in the mess that happened.

I am also leaning towards the 6900XT. 10 GB just is not enough for 4K gaming. AMD really outplayed Nvidia this time. All their cards have 16 GB and beat them in performance. The rumored 20 GB 3080 and 16 GB 3070 have supposedly been canceled now. It makes sense since with the AMD lineup there is no place for these cards. Now they are saying there will be a Q1 refresh of their lineup to try to compete. That means a 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti. The problem with the 3080 Ti is that there is not much room between the 3080 and 3090. It may end up being a 3090 with cut down vRAM to 12 or 16 GB.

The one area that Nvidia will remain king is ray tracing. If the new cards were any good at ray tracing they would have showed it off during the presentation. The fact that they showed no performance numbers says a lot. Nvidia also still has DLSS. The fact is that while the 3080 may not beat the 6900XT in raw performance, with DLSS turned on it definitely will. I did not really see any response from AMD on this.


AMDs drivers start a bit rough and get better over time.
while Nvidia’s drivers get worse over time. there are serveral videos on youtube that show performance drops of older cards after the launch of a new videocard.
i personally had troubles with my gtx titan after the launch of the 1000 series. and had to stop updating my drivers.
maybe its just a coincidence or its on purpose idk.

I’m holding out on my expectations for ray tracing and “super resolution” (DLSS alternative) until the cards get into reviewers hands.

If DXR becomes the new standard, and the ray tracing accelerators perform on par with Nvidia’s RT cores, then it’ll definitely be a balanced situation between the two.

As for DLSS… I just hope that some version of the feature makes its way to DirectX and other cross-brand API’s. It’s incredibly useful as a feature, and it’d be a shame to have to choose based on which brand of card a developer worked with.

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AMD GPUs end up with open-source drivers that support all the features on Linux (athough sometimes with some delay after the cards are available); nVidia cards don’t. So I prefer AMD rather than running proprietary drivers.


From the beginning I expected the Radeon 6000s to compete with the RTX3000s and/or have cheaper price with comparable performance per dollar. And they’ve done both.

I am surprised nobody talked about the “AMD Smart Memory Access” yet. This is the reason why I’m gonna build my PC with Ryzen 5000 and Radeon 6000. Initially I was gonna do 3300x + Radeon 6000s, but this new feature of AMD Smart Memory Access gives around 10% of performance boost. @Brendon_Leenheer admitted he’s a Green and Blue but eyeing on Red CPU. Well, this feature should not be a doubt for you to go completely Red. Afterall, can you buy any green despite all its hype?

I’m an Apple fanboy so I naturally gravitated towards Team Red for their GPU where I can use it with my macOS. In fact, I have a 5700XT inside Razer Core X and running with my 2019 Macbook Pro and it runs beautifully.
My last PC build was 2003/4 with GeForce 4400Ti, I’ve always used Blue and Green, but now it’s time to support Lisa Su and his Red team, they’ve done very well to carpet bomb the market.

Regarding supplies as @keno2001 mentioned,, Frank Azor the Chief Architect of AMD Gaming Solutions and Marketing bet that it will not be a paper launch like Nvidia is doing. I guess we have to see comes November 18 :slight_smile:

This is a good time for me to build my AMD Gaming rig and also dual use it as a eGPU for my Mac productivity/games stuff.

IF only I have a monitor to pair it with tho. I heard about a community driven awesome monitor, but unfortunately it’s being pushed back to Feb 2021.
I’ll give that community til Feb 2021 before moving to Samsung G7 because yeah well, somebody gotta accompany this AMD gaming rig I’m about to build in November. I think 3 months of waiting from Nov-Feb is fair (+ 6 months of pre-order so far). What do you guys think?


I mean sure, if you just wanna have a monitor as fast as possible. But if you’re really trying to get the best new setup with the most bang for your buck, just wait for the Spectrum model 2 for your use. The Samsung G7 ALMOST matches specs with model 2; but isn’t as bright, has lower color accuracy, doesn’t have hdmi 2.1, and is $110-$210 more expensive new. The Samsung G7 is also a QLED panel as opposed to IPS, meaning it supposedly has better contrast (but I again point to the lower color accuracy to say… Does it matter?) and it likely won’t last nearly as long as the spectrum would.


AMD has added a page with a lot of benchmarks they have done in different games.

You can select what game and resolution and see how their cards stack up to Nvidia. It is crazy that in some AMD optimized games the 6800XT can even beat the 3090. One important note is that these results assume you are using a 5000 series CPU and 500 series mobo with their new Smart Access Memory feature turned on.


Nicely put…I said I would buy the first high end card I can actually lay my hands on, but I have to admit that also goes for 4k 144hz hdmi 2.1 monitors as well.

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So I tried to get one this morning. After failing on AMD’s site, Amazon, B&H, and Newegg I was able to get a 5600X on Best Buy that will come tomorrow. Not ideal, but at least it is something. Maybe I will use this for now and upgrade when stock comes back in.