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Let me preface this by saying, I am not here to share good news about how quickly I received a monitor through Amazon (in spite of it still being delayed multiple times). I, like many of you, have been waiting months on end, now just about a year with false hopes about a looming shipment of my order through dough since it was eve.

After seeing that multiple people in the US who ordered February 2023 were receiving their monitors in 3 weeks when I myself am also located in the US but hadn’t received ANY communication about shipping after paying for my order, I needed answers. We then received the news of dough selling on Amazon, which confirmed the suspicion that they currently have inventory that is being diverted from waiting customers to new orders. As a business practice, this is completely unethical and I don’t know how this company is still in operation. Up to this moment, we are getting the run around and flat out deceit about shipment and stock. So, I decided to investigate for myself whether this could really be the case with the security of knowing I could get my money back from Amazon.

I purchased the 4k glossy monitor through Amazon on April 30 and received it on May 11. It took 11 days for me receive the same monitor I had been waiting to even get shipping confirmation about for 339 days.

At this point, I don’t plan on keeping this monitor. It is just not worth the risk if anything goes wrong to be out nearly $1,000 because of their incompetency. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from this company.

Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 3.36.46 PM
Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 3.24.04 PM


Have you opened it yet? Would be interested to know if it’s actually glossy.

Yes, it is glossy, I gave it a chance and honestly, I am less impressed with the quality of the monitor than I hoped to be. I wasn’t going to comment on that aspect because I am by no means an expert when it comes to monitors but there are a few things that I noticed so far. Blooming in the corners, at an angle, you can notice a gap between the panel and trim, and the plastic glossy panel is not as impressive as the glass screen I have become accustomed to on my MacBook. In my personal opinion, it is not worth the price and without a doubt not worth any of the hassle.



Thanks for doing this - also Philly represent.

@Cas promised a “recap” update by the end of this coming week. Hopefully this will be addressed in some fashion. Not holding my breath…

On a (small) side-tangent, the listing page for the 4k Panel on the website has a meaningless “4+ star, 140 reviews” rating up top. When you mouse over it, it would appear as though you can click on that to get a breakdown of said reviews…

There are no reviews. If you inspect the web page elements, there’s just html code to show the stars as being = “4.51” (ambitious!) as well as "data-number-of-reviews=“140” and “data-number-of-questions=“0”>”. There’s no hyperlink or actual reviews to speak of. Just more BS.


I recall watching a youtube video weeks ago where a guy from Taiwan (not really sure) commented that LG does not supply “premium” glossy panels to Dough, maybe this is proof.

Can you link it here? I would like to see it.

Yea, this doesn’t look like a glossy panel. Looks like the early review units came with more glossy screens and then they switched to these for production.

If that’s true, I’d be sad with the bait and switch.

You can find it in the comment section, and the guy is actually from Korea not Taiwan :sweat_smile:

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The monitors are still on Amazon if you use the link they sent out in the emails, except now it says that they are currently unavailable and that Amazon doesnt know when they’ll be back in stock. I sincerely doubt that they mangaged to sell out of units and simply changed the listing status to inactive.

Screenshot_20230517_074445_Amazon Shopping

I would have to agree. Dough has done nothing to drum up any type of positive press on their monitors. Every video I’ve seen online mentions that the customer service is lacking while the montior itself ranges from good to meh. My personal favorite is a guy that claims he had to send a staggering 26 emails to get his two 4k 144hz monitors.

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The glossy coating has always been like that, as it does have a slightly anti-reflective coating. You can see it if you check out any review that shows reflections on the panel, it isn’t fully reflective like glass.

(iMore - Gerald Lynch)

(Digital Trends - Jacob Roach)


Do you know when there will be more availability on Amazon?