Amazing Screen in Sunlight

I took my V to the Bahamas and I am amazed by the screen. It is very sharp…as always. One thing I have never noticed before is how easily it is readable under direct sunlight. I was using my V in direct sun, on the beach, and I had no problems seeing the screen. Kudos on the screen. I keep telling people that the V functions amazingly if you only consider the tablet portion.

I continue to have problems with the keyboard though…missing my keystrokes, laggy bluetooth, falling off the actual damn tablet when I’m moving the V, and not disabling when it is folded back and I’m holding it like a tablet. The keyboard still ruins the experience despite the tablet portion being absolutely spectacular.


I disagree. Although that mighbethe auzzie sun.

I agree. The anit-reflective coating really helps. See:

I’ll go halfway. It’s better than just about any laptop in direct sunlight but still not extremely fun to read when it’s really bright :smile:

Mbai2, do you use it without any screen protector?