Alternative to the Eve V

Hi Guys,
I ordered my V m3 in the flash sale on the 4th of December and i still don’t have it.

But I need it for my Study now.
Does one of you know what’s a good alternative produkt of the V ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

HP Spectre x360! I see not many differences, out of the keybord which is not take-off able

For detachable kickboard, look at HP Spectre X2. My wife has the x360 and loves it. As soon as I get final confirmation from my credit card company that case is closed I am ordering an x2.

I can see many places promote Surface Pro at $599. If that’s in my country, I will snatch it for my wife immediately. :smiley:

However, please check for the keyboard and pen since they will sell separately.

There is the Lenovo X1 Tablet which is a Surface pro ‘clone’.

Did anyone had a look on the Lenovo MIIX 520 ?
Sounds like a very good think, just the battery life seems to be fucking bad

I can’t speak to the Lenovo Miix 520, but I have had a Lenovo Miix 700 for nearly 2 years and it’s really quite excellent.

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The obvious is the Surface Pro 2017. I used to be against the lower-end model due to the pitiful 4 GB RAM on it, but the i5/128 model has recently been updated with 8 GB RAM to match the V, so I think its a solid choice if you dont mind the price premium.

If you want a complement to the V that youll receive later on, and you dont happen to own an iPhone, I would recommend either an iPad (2018) or any iPad Pro line. Its a bit ironic that Im recommending this, since I dont really see a value in my iPad Pro since I have an iPhone and V. If you dont have an iPhone, however, the iPad is a great product to fill the app gap of the V.

Another solution is to go big with Choosing the ultimate 2 kg laptop


I can recommend the surface.

I only can check gerken prices but I only paid 50 bucks more. For the i5/8gb/256gb + keyboard and pen.


I ended up purchasing the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Tablet (3rd Gen) and it has been awesome. I highly recommend it.


sorry to duplicate my question:
Does it come with an active pen? I just looked at the Lenovo website and did not see it…
Cause I am only looking at devices with active pens (I’m painting…)

sent from my Lenovo Yoga 700 10.6" without extra pen :rofl: [this is my walk-around-typing-internet-computer :wink: ]

It might be district specific. But anyway you could customize the tablet your own, and add the pen to the config if it is not included. What I see from their HK official website is adding extra HK$180 (~US$23), but US official website said it’s included in the box.

No worries! Yep, it does come with an active pen. It has 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and works well for me.

If I manage to get my money back I will go for the Lenovo X1 tablet i7-8650U, has everything I need plus a better cpu. It is not fanless, but it is not that much important for me. It has two TB3 ports, which is better than V.

But best of all it ships within 7 work days…


I thought I’d post something that will make some people smile on this forum.

On the 15th of June I finally convinced myself in ordering a Lenovo X1 tablet. They have a somewhat similar process as Eve. The units are produced on order. On the ordering page it said “usually ships in 7 working days”. So, after 8 days without news I sent them a mail to ask for an update. Since then I’ve received two updates announcing delays:

One yesterday telling me the shipment was rescheduled to the 30th of June.

One today stating that the shipment was rescheduled to the 9th of July.

So even the “big fishes” are subject to those issues.

I have checked the terms and conditions they state that the units are produced on order and that production can take up to 3 weeks, so I still have to wait … :cry:


Yes, they are subject to those issues but not 5-6 months wait for sure. (Even if it is, it’s rare case to get the product so late after the order.)

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Also, if the screws fall out of the hinges on that X1 tablet, Lenovo will probably fix the tablet rather than force the purchaser to go online to a message forum where he’ll be told that he should consider fixing it himself with eyeglass screws.


IMG_20180629_100543IMG_20180629_100620IMG_20180629_100647IMG_20180629_100721IMG_20180629_100604IMG_20180629_100916IMG_20180629_100547IMG_20180629_100727This is my friend’s Lenovo and it looks incredibly similar with a VIMG_20180629_100449
Lenovo miix 720


I have a Lenovo Miix 700 (older version), and it’s a very solid device.

I am considering the Miix 520, because my ordered V hasn’t shipped until now. I am unable to find the Miix 720 on the Lenovo website you have. What are the differences between 720 and 520?

Update: Miix 720 seems to be older and not available on the german Lenovo store (anymore?).

By the way, to a degree I find it funny to discuss those alternatives here in the EVE-forum. [=

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