Alternative Eve v2 Keyboard Dock(s)

As there is only a US Layout Keyboard available (by now?) - does anyone know what type of keyboard docks are compatible? - for the Eve v1 it seemed to be the MS Surface 4. But for the V2 I have no clue and Eve Support doesn’t seem the answer :frowning:

Thanks a lot in advance for any advices!


Just an idea - if I look at the fotos it seems like all surface pro docks should be compatible. is that right?

  • MS Surface Pro Dock:
  • Eve Keyboard-Dock:

Eve V (2021) keyboard cover concept

Why won’t you answer Eve Support??

I already asked them 3 times within 2 weeks - no answer yet…

That is pretty poor in my opinion. It’s strange that Eve would let this perception of poor customer service to fester.

Sorry that support don’t answer.

To answer your question, the dock/keyboard is unique to the 2021 V. You will not find anything compatible that uses the pogo-pins. Your only option is a USB-C keyboard or a bluetooth keyboard.

Oh - that’s kind of ‘shitty’. Will there be other keyboards layouts available at some point? - with the pre-order last year there was the option to select dífferent layouts, but now I only get the offer to buy a US-layout one

So a product like this would be (more or less) the only ‘dock’ alternative?

…it’s not ‘big’ enough:


No idea about the Brydge. There is a thread about people using with the original V, though that has different dimensions. As for the future, Eve have stated that there are no plans to offer any other keyboard layout - it’s US only.

So if I want a keyboard dock I’ll buy the US one and put some DE-Layout stickers on it?

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The problem is that it’s an ANSI keyboard. The ANSI keyboard has a single-height enter key, and the ISO keyboard (that you want) has a double-height enter key. So it’s impossible with stickers to map an ANSI keyboard to an ISO keyboard. This website illustrates the differences:

You may want to look at other convertibles that do offer a DE keyboard like the HP Elite x2 G8, the Dell Latitude 7320, or the Lenovo Yoga Duet.

Where have they said this? They’re never going to offer anything other than US!?!? That’s crazy

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See the following quotes from Eve:

If you are looking for an answer, it may help to tag the person who may be able to help answer this question.

You also may want to look at the Project V topic titled: Keyboard Focus. The enter key looks like the same height and the updated keyboard pins look exactly like the MS Surface Pro keyboard except the Project V has only has 5 pins, not 6. It’s not that this isn’t being answered, it’s that it is in a different topic.

Does the surface pro 8 keyboard fit the V2?

I don’t think so. See the keyboard section of the FAQ:

Is the new V Keyboard compatible with the Surface Pro 7?

The new V Keyboard will not be compatible with the Surface line of devices.