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Hi, I was wondering if there were any plans on releasing an 8 Inch version of this tablet? I need something portable, easy to take out and put away. Small enough to hold with one hand. I need something I can read/watch while laying down, on the train/bus, or on the toilet. I’ve seen the chuwi hi 8 but I’m afraid the processor is underpowered and it also has pretty bad reviews. I would like at least an i5 with 4 gigs ram. I’m sure other people want this as well. Please make this happen!!


Hi! Welcome to the community! We have an entire section dedicated to planning what’s next. There are all sorts of great ideas in there - if you don’t see a 8 inch tablet in there, feel free to start a thread and get the ball rolling - see what sort of interest there is! The next project is yet to be decided - so make your voice heard!


@iKirin @nawthor @Helios can you move this to what’s next category? :wink:

@Kuno I totally agree with you, it would be nice to have something lighter and cheaper. I was particularly interested in something cheap and small with a pen for taking notes before I bought Eve V. An active pen seems to be a luxury item nowadays, so if you just want to comfortably take notes on a tablet, you have to get the full $1000+ package. I think for a tablet of that size, you wouldn’t be doing too much work on it so 4GB of RAM and a Core M3 would be enough. I think even a Celeron might be enough, some of them are just rebranded Core i3 processors, a bit weaker but still on par.


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

I think an i5 would be perfect. I can use it as a media player where i can just plug it into any TV and play 4k videos or play party games like jackbox, quickly take and edit photographs on the go. M3 or Celeron processors seems underpowered, i hate loading icons :grin:

Oh, don’t worry about that. Skylake and Kaby Lake were massive improvements in the mobile segment, especially video decoding. A Kaby Lake M3 is as powerful as a 5th gen i7, or as a desktop (65W) 2nd gen i3. It will play 4K videos without hassle. Photo editing is a bit different, but if you use Photoshop heavily, no tablet will satisfy you anyway…

I’d be keen for this with the m3 or arm chip contained within.

If I’m looking for small device (to replace my old Surface 3) it should have 9-10" screen, 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD , GSM/LTE, GPS, micro SD, 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C and 1 Thunderbolt 3.

I would suggest a 9.7 inch (10 inch) form factor.

8 inch windows tablet is pretty unusable with current windows touch support and hardly productive in laptop mode.

9.7 inch form factor should be able to nail the sweet spot of portability and usability. you can still be productive on light editing in laptop mode and if you want to do some heavy tasks, simply connect to a big screen which is what we all normally do.

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I agree. 20 chars 20 chars

You expect a small start up compant be able to deliver a small light yet with just enough power … I doubt if they have the resources to do that

I agree, an 8 inch version would be wonderful.

Personally I liked very much an 8.4 inch from Samsung (Android, of course) I bought to my mother but with newer versions they changed the format and it’s not as easy to handle as the old one, which to me is basically a dealbreaker.

I tried with a very cheap (120€ or so) chinese tablet with Windows 10, just to see what to expect: the size was perfect, the quality of the tablet itself was… well… just as I expected for that price.

Something similar from Eve, with Windows of course, would be fantastic.

I’m not looking to replace the Surface Pro 3 10" tablets. The Surface Pro 3 10" tablet is kinda to big to hold with one hand. An 8" quality windows tablet would be another market not yet explored by windows 10. I’m looking to replace my Google Nexus 7 tablet which is the perfect size for one handed use but could be a bit bigger.

Maybe you can try different launchers for your android?.. I use the Nova Launcher over Samsungs

No, the Samsung tablet is absolutely perfect in both size and performance. It was a high-end tablet and it’s worth all the good money I paid for it.

The problems I have with the super cheap Windows 10 one. The issues are with the drivers: when it arrived the wifi didn’t work. I managed to fix that but broken the audio in the process… and I never managed to fix the audio, no matter what I tried. Performance-wise is an Atom one, with a slow storage compartment and probably other stuff as well.

As for the size, the issue with formats different than 8.4’’ in 16/9 ratio, to me, is that they are difficult to hold with one hand (I have hands of a guy that “never had to work in his life”, so to speak). I chose to try a Windows 10 one as I like the idea of being able to print without installing pay-for cloud print services.

The ideal 8.4’’ tablet to me would have:

  • aspect ratio of 16/9 or even 2/1
  • core m3 (not Atom)
  • 6GB of RAM (4 is also acceptable for its use, but I’m concerned with Windows itself)
  • 64GB of storage
  • WiFi, Bluetooth
  • GPS, Compass (and every other sensor you can put on it)
  • front and back camera, resolution is irrelevant
  • 4G/LTE
  • Windows 10

Please don’t… You’re going to run 64bit Windows on it… My tablet with 64GB SSD usually ends up with 1GB free space where I can’t really install or download anything meaningful.

Well, that’s the minimum of course.
The point is that I tried with 32 and they are definitely not enough, not even to keep the OS updated.

Same goes with 64GB. This is inexcusably low, like 2GB of RAM nowadays. Please change it to 128GB… :confused:

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