Already existing Battery bank hub: The WoobiiBox

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to the community. I am not sure if anyone has already shared info about this one but I know that they have already talked about the Chocolate Hub. This is the WoobiiBox. It is both a usb hub and a batter bank.

I was wondering what your guys thoughts were on this product

Thanks in advance

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Well I got a similar product LineDock.

I will say I feel there is a need for this type of product but I have not use it yet in the real world so can’t give any real world use case.

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My Chocolate Hub 2 has finally shipped, but it will take atleast a week to get here. There is also no tracking to see where the package is going.

It will be stuck in Finnish customs anyway and will be probably atleast few days after i do custom clearance that it will move. Wont expect it before mid-january to be honest.