All in one eGPU Docking Station with MAX-Q Technology

I just wondered if we have portable eGPU like this :
There is GTX 960M inside and of cource it works with TB3 port.

What I’m thinking is more than this, with NVIDIA’s MAX-Q Technology :
which intended to enable to thin, light, and quiet laptops with strong gaming performance announced during Computex, we can make more performative and thinner than Acer’s one.

It’ll be way attractive if it can run by battery and let us play game or do heavy works such as video editing anywhere.

Any idea?
And sorry for poor English


Brilliant idea!
We could actually make an eGPU that’s portable and powerful this way. I’d love to get one with a 1060 for a good price.


In that case Id prefer to have it like Surface Book’s performance base. More portable


Great. The more options the better

That’s true. But what I want to say is , this is the way of turn any laptops with TB3 into workstation and help people struggle with installing eGPU. It’ll be awesome if we make it just Plug and Play. Integrating to one kind of GPU will make it possible. (just my assuming I’m not a Tech pro :slight_smile: )

It's a good idea, but we may face triple price aganist buying a game laptop.We need to buy a eGUP Docking,a GPU ,maybe a monitor. All this will take us $2500~3000,and a game laptop only need  $800~1000.
Here maybe another problem, will the Tablet PC  cooling system can bear the heat creat by such  a large task?
Sorry for my poor English,this is the first time i write a english post.

Same over here, having a performance base is better than just a slim dock. That portable acer dock stills require a power outlet to function, so thus far the portability. A performance base can house the battery for the dGPU, and when the dGPU is not in use it can house extra battery juice for the tablet part. Than it is not only a eGPU dock, but also a powerbank.



That solves the portability and desktop use through a single machine.

110% against anything that has to do with a mobile gpu in MXM form factor or not. A mobile GTX 1070 is 1000$ alone and a GTX 1080 is 1250$.

I’d avoid Max-Q at all cost for anything Eve related.


And here’s proof.

1200 for a GTX 1060 Max-Q laptop that is basically a GTX 1050ti, which is fair enough, but they make you pay more $$$ because it’s under the 1060 name. Same thing with the Max-Q 1070 and 1080.

Mobile card are simply too much trouble to deal with.

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I didn’t say they’re not overpriced. That is something I heartily agree too.
What I meant is that, it’s not as overpriced as you had earlier suggested.

C’mon, that’s crazy!

I think it may not be an option when we’re shooting for an unbelievable price…

Maybe this docking station (whatever GPU it includes) could be used to cool the V as well, enabling its CPU to continuously run at its top frequency. At this point, the V’s performance could be compared to a desktop’s, with a dual-core at 3.6 GHz and a dGPU.
To cool the V, this Performance Base would need to sit flush with its back. Therefore, the whole thing could be snapped onto the V’s back, occupying the TB3 port as it does so, and although increasing its weight and thickness, still retaining the V’s portability.

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As far as I know, the Eve V only has a thermal problem when changing the TDP above the limit that intel allows (and so Eve won’t give warranty if you change the TDP to above that) (based on the Eve V m5 performance thread). So I don’t think cooling is that much of a problem, unless in small spaces probably. The way to cool the Eve V extra is by forcing air movement over the back. For a laptop like performance base that would be hard to achieve as far as I know. For a desktop docking station that would be no problem, but would also make it less mobile performance solution.

I think that if eve V had a U series instead of the Y series, extra cooling would have been needed for performance

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Trust me the prices are crazy ever since AMD wasn’t competitive in the mobile market anymore

Those are the raw prices for a mobile MXM card for someone who wants to upgrade his laptop and those prices are the reason I want to go with an egpu instead.


Really Nice to have EXT GPU

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Imagine something like the Nintendo Switch. But better. You’re back home, you plug your 2 in 1 into a dock and you have extra clock, better cooling and maybe an external gpu and hdd/ssd (such in a way that you’ll won’t have to keep everything on the on board ssd). The next morning you wake up and unplug the device, put the keyboard on it and you’re ready to go to university. Such a powerful docking station would cost a bit, i guess.
Still it will cost less than a surface and a decent gaming desktop.


Stuff like what the Razer core did would be appealing as well, with a LAN port and more USB ports as well as some basic Analog Audio

Something like an eGPU with a soldered on card might be interesting…