Alcantara replacement

Alcantara is a brand. Something that was actually news to me. They seem to struggle with the immense attention they’ve been getting and thus cannot keep up with demand, see article below (thanks to @Patrick_Hermawan )

Since the V keyboard uses Alcantara, this might be a good time to think about replacements for the material. Or maybe additional materials? Maybe something like wood, bamboo, leather… stone?


:smile: stone may be a kind of heavy for traveling… Wood would be nice for looking, but if the user puts his sweaty hands on it in summer it might be not so long lasting. If you find a way to make this not occur, I would absolutly put it in a poll! Leather would be nice but maybe expencive

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I don’t think that’s a good idea. Real leather would be like alcantara but without the benefits of being synthetic.

As someone who uses a leather bound notenook for a planner, I think a leather keyboard covering would really not be the best idea.


Stone skin won’t be heavy :slight_smile: only top layer would be stone.

Huh? There are very different types of leather. Some are better in certain things then others. The keyboard doesn’t need much flexibility so it can be quite durable. I have a leather wallet, leather phonecase, leather bags and leather pouch, I think there are some possibilities to leather.


you’re right, synthetic leather has not so much benefits. Like jackets or shoes with synthetic leather are not so durable like real leather… if they make it with leather, than real leather. But thats my opinion :smile:

A leather phone case? I’ve never seen one of those, I suppose a similar kind of leather as the one used for that would make for a decent keyboard cover then.

I suppose I should clarify and say that I think as a keyboard cover, a synthetic imitation would be better than real leather. Most people wouldn’t be prepared for the maintenance involved with real leather, especially on a keyboard.

Take the alcantara on the current keyboard for example - all it takes is a wipe down every once in a while and people have already expressed that that’s a minus.

Edit: OH WAIT I just remembered I even used to own a phone with a leather case, the LG G4. Heh. And yup - I suppose that kind of leather would definitely work on a keyboard, but I still wouldn’t think its a good idea.

There really is a sh*t load of those around. I mean: iPhone X Leather Case Spring Yellow - Apple and you know when Apple has it, other have it.

Leather doesn’t have to be high maintenance. And it would be a first for the industry, like Alcantara was when MS did it.
I recommend scanning/reading How To Identify Different Types of Leather & Leather Quality for some more indepth information about leather.

As for other materials, wood and stone can be just a thin layer, like a skin. has those as skins for macbook. I think they don’t offer it for phones because of the curvature. Though stone might be more prone to damaging the screen of the V.

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you don’t have to go that far. check the website of mozo, our sleeve designers… leather, wood, whatever you want for a cover… but sadly not for the V…


Looks great so why dont ask the community if they want to choose the material on order page? Or if you open the assessoir store…

This could be a replacement, too! Finnish fabric 60% wool and 40% polyester called sammal:

used by mozo for phone covers…


and this is my lumia 950xl walnut wood cover from mozo after 16months of daily use…

looks quite pretty for wood in daily contact to sweaty and dirty hands…


would someone make a poll?

it’s maybe to early for a poll… lets discuss it some more days and collect informations. @Dario should have a look to it. he’s the one who knows best after being a part of mozo recently…


Is that real wood or a plastic wooden skin? I’ve had a Slickwraps 'Wood style" skin before, which was plastic, like all the skins then (and similar, the DBrand skins).

This is a layer of real wood veneer! After I bought it I thougt this was a bad idea… real wood… but you can see how it worked…

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I’d be against metal, because when it’s cold, it gets uncomfortable on the lap. Plus at that thickness, metal could be really susceptible to bending

Wood works for the underside (opposite of the keyboard), but constant rubbing with the screen isn’t very good. You’d have to add a rubber on the corners or edges like on a laptop. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the look and feel of wood, but that’s just my personal opinion.

Leather(ette) should work on both sides, but not as resistant to scratches as alcantara or there’s durability issue in general as others have mentioned.

Sammal I’m not familiar with, but it seems to be a limited production material, which wouldn’t really solve the production needs that we had with Alcantara. Although if the V didn’t suddenly go best seller and the whole electronics and automotive industry didn’t jump in, it shouldnt be a problem.

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So tuere we are again. You say if we would use wood there would be scratches on display side (outside works if mozo sell them) so why there isn’t some piece of textil packed in maybe with the eve logo which could put the user between the display and keyboard? Material like you find packed by glasses for cleaning. Maybe with some corners to put around the v edges for protection and positioning of this little thing. This would avoid scratshes from keyboard keys and material like wood or such a thing

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One of the never ending stories, choice of material :slight_smile:

There are of course other cloths that are a possibility. I like the idea of hemp for example, but that doesn’t really solve the problem.
You can put a edge around either the screen or the keyboard, similar to how the macbooks do it (nobody notices it, but it’s there!) This will degrade over time, My macbook has imprints from the keyboard on it’s screen, after 5 years of intensive use). I believe this issue will be there for every material though. The best way to not scratch the screen is a screen protector. The cloth you lay between the screen and keyboard is a nice extra, but shouldn’t be part of the design.

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I heard stone keyboard is very popular and can be sourced from the manufacturer inside the town of Bedrock.:grin: you know if there is some chlothe or plastic foil inside se boxing like for the protection until the customer? Ive looked on Unboxing vids and dont see somekind of this