After Updating firmware to 104 monitor worked for 5x mins followed by Red Stripes and now a permanent Black Screen - Can no longer use

Hi There, I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar issues so hoping someone can assist.

I’ve been using my 4K Spectrum for about a week on my PS5 primarily with no issues.

Last night I decided to update the firmware to 104 - which was painless and went well.

About 5x Minutes after the update - I hooked up the monitor to the PS5 again and everything seemed ok…then I get large horizontal red bars followed by nothing but a blank black screen.

I am now unable to see anything on screen, not the content from HDMI, DP, USB C etc I have tried switching cables, I have double check everything is certified, I have power cycled many times but still the same end result.

I also cannot even see the in-built menu from the monitor when using the toggle, all I get is just a big black screen.

Has anyone else had a similar issue? Did they find some way to regain functionality?

At the moment I just have a very big (abeit pretty) brick on my desk and I would like to get it working again.

Many thanks


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Not exactly the same but pretty much same stuff happened to me. Waiting sonce a week for any answers from them. Next is to just fix it myself.

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So sometimes my monitor won’t show my xbox dashboard so I power cycle it for 5 seconds and it seems to come back on every time.

I cant Powercycle becouse it has no Power anymore. Tried it with the other Powersupply and other cables and other Powerstations (or watever they are called).
And no Power. No on or off. Button does nothing

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But yes you may have to powercycle a few timnes. my other screen had to powercycle 2 times and had to install firmware 2 times.

Thanks - I have power cycled many times for days but sadly always the same, screen lights up but no content. No access to the menu and no way to identify what is wrong.

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Please contact Support so they can help you directly on this issue if you have not already done so.

Support – Eve (

By this I take it to mean that you’ve contacted support and are awaiting a response from them?

Yes I have contacted support. Thats the first thing I do. Who else can u contact from eve??

Dunno, but I’ll try to push this up the chain on my end for ya.

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Thanks all - still the same, only response from Customer Support has been asking me for pictures, so the only thing I could send them was a literal picture of a black screened monitor.

Sadly no improvement - starting to regret this purchase

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Hi @GavNav,

Are you able to DM me your support ticket and I’ll get this escalated for you.


Just an update here.

Support got back to me and provided me a return address for the unit but couldn’t promise me a full refund.

Funnily enough now that I want to post it back, not a single delivery provider will accept the package to Lithuania so I am left with a very expensive brick in a box!

Has anyone else in the UK had success posting their unit back?

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Did you ever get this resolved, either with post or with support?

No, sadly the monitor and stand are still in their boxes under my desk, still faulty and still not working.

I’ve lost the will to continue with customer service - they only respond every 7-10 days and only after me promoting them multiple times.

Each conversation I get the same response - which seems to be a copy & pasted response citing Terms of Purchase rather than actually trying to help me.

I’m actually lost with what to do, I cannot physically send it back to you because local courier won’t let me, and I can’t get a response from customer service to see if they can arrange something.

At this point I am ready to speak to my Credit Card provider and try claim the purchase back as I am not seeing why I should bear the cost and pain of owning this faulty product.

Hey @GavNav,

I’ve spoken with the team today regarding your issue, and they are looking into it as we speak. They are looking into providing a printable shipping label that you will be able to use to ship to the repair center.

@ReignDespair Isn’t @GavNav entitled to a replacement or a refund according to the Eve Spectrum warranty detailed here if (as he states) it occurred within 14 days of arrival?:

(Also my messages seem to be getting removed even though they do not break any rules - not sure what is happening)

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This would be great, and the first piece of good news I’ve heard this year - thanks a lot!


No return of messages or responses from customer support since 16/02 - really really poor experience

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Hi @GavNav,

Sorry that you are having all these difficulties. Let me try to help you out here.