Acer under rated..Why only SP4/5?

Acer has pretty good 2-1 like switch alpha 12. 5 and 3 in which they give all nice features and keep it pretty cheap. I believe the only real competition eve V can get is from switch with 8gig of ram. Still i like eve V. There are some good ones line Asus and lenovo too. Why we only care about sp with one single port and super expensive?

(Personal 2 cents here)

The Acer Switch Alpha… while decent, I’ve never seen it out in the wild, for a good reason - it gets pretty warm (which is understandable as Acer does not to have toned down the TDP like I think the new SP has) and the battery is also not the largest one. Next thing is that they basically use the same panel as the SP3 so the screen can not really hold up. Oh, and did I mention the battery life that is not really what you want from a 2in1?

Next, Switch 3 and 5. Let’s make those short, shall we? Same panel as the Alpha 12. Switch 3 with only Pentium/Celeron CPUs. Switch 5 might be interesting, but let’s see what Acer brings to the table with that one.

Why do we care about the SP4/new SP?
Because MS simply built the best working 2in1 device that you can buy in a store right now. And you have to hand it to them - the Surface line is not bad but you pay a nice price for that performance/quality. :wink:

And I agree that there are quite a bunch of interesting other 2in1’s out there, but I feel you can split them up in 2 camps pretty easy - the “You get what you pay for”-ones that have glaring things like battery/panel not at a level you’d expect for your 1000€ device or the “I like to spend a fortune” which does not have glaring things that are bad but you pay a hefty price for it - best example is the new SP i5 in my opinion. 1700€ for an i5/8GB RAM/256GB SSD.


I considered alpha switch before, but the screen quality (color accuracy) hold me down. Then an article of Eve V pops out from nowhere. It’s been 6 months and I’m still waitng

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Screen is not a big issue for me. But heat is. I use my oneplus 2 with the all mighty hot 810 and. No. Plus I live in Delhi which is one of the hottest places in our country. So I can not work for my studies on something hot. That is why I was avoiding Acer due to their liquid cooling. I am worried about eve V too. Would love some heat test once it comes out. I only want 3 things. Stylus. Port (type c) and not much heat… period. Others are just added bonus for me at least.

Eve sure is taking time and i have only till November. But hey. It Better be worth it. :slight_smile:

Just to encourage you: The longest waiting stretch is covered now, finish in sight,

signed: marathon waiter,

To encourage you more, Asus revealed the Transformer 3 and Transformer Pro 3 back in January 2016. The Pro 3 then released 12 months later in december with gimped specs and the Tranformer 3 barely exists in the market.