Acer Switch 5? As an alternative

Do you guys feel that I can go with acers new upcoming switch 5 if eve V goes out of stock before I get my hands on it. Coz I am entering university and need laptop. P. S sorry apple ipad. You Suck even for school work

You may want to consider upgrading your iPad to iOS 11 Beta as a stop-gap solution.


Hiya @Joseph_Mcqueen! :slight_smile:

You can definitely go with anything - I’ve seen people in my coding classes in university using a Netbook (those 7-8" baby notebooks “powered” with the Atom-CPUs).

As for if it’s a good choice - no one knows. There is no review out, and (putting down my community manager hat for a minute) I’d not buy a device without having read the reviews - or at least until I have all the specs on it. The fact that Acer is not telling the brightness nor battery capacity is rining my “tech alarm bells” because whenver something is not mentioned by a big company, you can be pretty sure that it’s usually going to be subpar in that area.

Depending on what’s your budget there should be more compelling products out there than a device that (at least in my eyes) will have quite a bunch of flaws in the battery compartment.


It is solid tablet … but no thunderbolt 3 port
Miix 700 is also good … still no thunderbolt 3 port
Asus transformer 3 is a nice tablet … but comes with fan
Samsung Galaxy book and Huawei Matebook E also good options

Wait wait? Eve V has no fan? How will it handle heat? Where I live. Temperature reaches well above 45° C! I don’t want to hold a hot tablet.

It handles heat quietly and elegantly with a custom heatpipe cooling solution. And in all of our tests so far, the device has reached the power draw limitations imposed by Intel before it reached temperature limitations imposed by our cooler… I’m not worried about the V’s thermal capabilities.

45°C though, youch. With temperatures like that, I’d need a custom heatpipe cooling solution!


That is what eve V lacks as for today “videos” I wanna see some gaming. Heating. Benchmark. Stylus. Etc. Videos. Reviews. And more.

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There are no production Vs yet, so there are no reviews and benchmarks for them either. Various benchmarks have been run on the prototype units, so you may want to have a look over this thread and the treasure trove of prototype info it links to: .


This is probably not what you are after, but I can tell you that Eternal runs really well on my prototype. As in, highest graphics settings on native resolution (decide for yourself whether that is impressive or not). I couldn’t tell you about any other games, because that is the only game I play on my proto, and pretty much the only game I play right now.

Just read some of the reviews for the switch 5 and is sum it up as decent, not not premium.

Very good specs, eg full fat kaby lake processors, similar pen to v with 1k pressure and palm rejection, decent price as well starting at 800 usd for i5, 8gb ram and 256gb sad.

Downsides, less than premium feel, bit bouncy and plasticky, poorer display, 5 hr battery life, kickstand a bit iffy…

As a “get it now” device it’s quite compelling…however personally I would wait for the v as I like the sound of the focus on quality and frankly it’s waaaaay cooler!

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