Accusations against Dough in r/Monitors

And another post deleted for me nice. Can anyone at Dough just refund my money, or email me back confirming they actually received my bank information

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Unfortunately, nagging people on these forums isn’t going to help. The only Dough staff who are active here (Cas and Aethel) are completely powerless to help. All they can do is ping people on your behalf, and those people appear to be completely ignoring requests for refunds.

— Begin speculation —

It seems more and more likely that Dough doesn’t have the money available to issue refunds. Most of it appears to be allocated towards manufacturing and product development, in the hope that they can start selling units and using that money to pay off debts and refunding unhappy customers.

Logistics appears to be the biggest hurdle here. It sounds like units are being made, but they’re not getting into the hands of customers. Maybe a few are getting to people in the US, but that’s it. People are not going to order Spectrums unless they can be certain they’ll get what they’ve paid for. Dough needs to sort this out ASAP otherwise they’re never going to get out of the hole they’re in.

— End speculation —


Yep sort of although people who have currently essentially been defrauded of their funds have every right to an answer and an apology for being put through this.

It’s a monumentally stupid decision to think that customers are just going to roll over and that trying to avoid them would make their business a stronger proposition for those looking to buy a monitor.

Instead of continuing to trade in essentially an insolvent state they ought to have sought additional finances to cover the refunds rather than trounce the reputation of their company.

It is currently junk status in terms of reputation and will continue to be so including the CEO and other directors since they don’t share any solution to this problem or acknowledge contact for answers. Deleting negative comments on these forums won’t stop customers from voicing their warnings to others not to purchase via all available gaming and other related communities where such products are advertised / discussed.

Eve need to learn the basics of customer service!

What does your team actually tell you when you raise the refund topic?

I’m just currious since I canceled my V2021 order last year in march and wait since then for my 1,800 €…


Here the fact, the financial math doesn’t add up what Dough (or formally Eve) trying to explain.

We all know that first, you need have capital fund. If insufficient fund, this where they sought donation (a.k.a preorder fund, similar to what indiegogo and kickstarter) to fund their concept turn into real good.

By this time the development is already completed as what Dough have summarize to us. So full order payment would be collected so they can pay the manufacturer to start manufacture and assembly the product.

So here you have the extra fund which should use on fullfill customer order. However product delivery had been delayed without any reason. (Those would place order in Indiegogo and Kickstarter already know China manufacturer are ramping up now and orders are being fullfill). If those fund yet use on producing the goods, then Dough should able to pay our refund. You see where this going? Either this fund is going to someone else pocket or being invest on other project.

Even we be more optimistic, the fund is invest on their new announced OLED monitor. It is very unethical to use all the fund on it. On business standard perspective, the completed project aka 4K and 280Hz monitor would still in parallel being fullfill.

But we not seeing any on this. Not mentioned instead of fullfill or continue develop your previous announce project, such such the 165Hz monitor. The newly project take precedence over the old one.

You may call be bias ot skeptical but by standard practice
You take your capital + preorder to fund your development
Take full payment order to fund your producing good and fullfill order
Then take profit (your new capital) to fund new project.

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DOUGH just deleted my account on…I have no idea why, I am waiting on the 280Hz model right now, and as I go to login the website tells me “No account found with that email”? What is this???

Hi there,

This is a known issue currently with our website. This causes accounts to be “missing” and users not being able to login. Don’t worry, we still have all the order info with us.

On the meantime, we are still working on fixing it!

Thank you for your timely feedback; I recreated the account using the same email and contacted support with the order #.

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I agree with you that it is unethical, entirely!

The CEO needs to come out from whatever rock he’s hiding under and explain properly what is going on rather than treating customers with total and utter contempt!

Over 2 months now and still no refund or any response from so called customer service!

Same problem! This is extremely concerning, it’s been over a week!

Try the