Accusations against Dough in r/Monitors

I know that Dough was accused of fixing voting in rtings:

However, the latest developments seem a lot more concerning:

Would Dough like to comment on these accusations?


Hi there,

This is completely untrue. We are sorry for those who are offended by the comments and we are fully aware of the situation. However, these allegations are completely false and no one connected with Dough has made those comments.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not true but there are many disgruntled customers who I would see doing something like this just to disrupt the brand. Honestly I’m upset too considering I pre-ordered my 240 hz monitor 2 years ago and now I’ve upgraded it to 280 hz glossy and the 240 hz units that were supposed to be shipped out in december have yet to see light of day yet. Literally the only reason I haven’t asked for a refund is because blur busters is tuning the VRR + strobing on this monitor that would beat even the newly announced oled otherwise I would be asking for my money back and putting it elsewhere.

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It seems like such a bazaar scenario that is unfolding. There seems to be information from /r/monitors, and Eve/Dough that is not being published. Based on the evidence published by /r/monitors while I believe it to be racist, I’m intrigued in the affiliation/past affiliation with Eve/Dough that’s implied.

What I will say is: Racism, and bigotry of any sort is surely wrong, but does the evidence provided show any sort of affiliation? I can’t see it, but maybe there is private information (not being published) that would suggest the otherwise.

I’m sure if a popular monitor sub reddit see’s enough reason to regulate specific mentions of a specific company to protect consumers; that would surely be considered a nobel, and respectable way of protecting potential future customers from the stress of experiencing issues that other customers have had to/continue to deal with.

Have read the entire thread @ReignDespair it seems very balanced.

There is a clear inference taking all facts and relevenet info into account, that something shady has “in the past” or “is still” going on.

That aside and the acusations aside - I think the glaring observation is that Eve / Dough have been given enough chance to do right by their customers - Which is really all customers want.

  • Customer Want – Pay money = Good product and good service.
  • EVE / Doughs Stated Offering – Pay reasonable money = Fantastic product and acceptable service.
  • Reality – Pay money = No product, and zero service.

The execution in all aspects is extremely poor - There is no sense of goodwill for Dough anymore. People just want action.

Actions peak louder than words.


All I see is an accusation and no evidence. Not sure what there is to respond to.

Keep reading then → Eve Spectrum (DOUGH) reaches out to /r/Monitors, and we respond. : r/Monitors (

An open discussion on Reddit.

I don’t think there is any company that is without detractors.

Key thing here is " * Reality – Pay money = No product, and zero service."

Rightly Dough should ignore the haters, they will hate no matter what.

Take that energy and focus on delivering on Customer orders.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since the company are ignoring those that have requested refunds.

Even if the monitor was the best thing ever made, taking people’s money and not refunding it is just being crooks. Unless the refunds start flowing the reputation of this outfit will be that bad there wont be a business left as no one in their right mind would trust their money to placing orders where the customer is just ignored.


Absolutely agree on this.

Also agree with this. Admittedly we are aware that the press around the company has not been great for obvious reasons. This something that has been brought up multiple times and the management is aware of this, and we are trying our best to fix it.

Great, so when can I expect to receive my refund?


Where is the evidence for this:

  • Are you now paying refunds within the 20-day timescale?
  • Are you stating delivery dates on your website that you can actually meet?
  • Are you delivering to dates you state?

The first one is a definite no since its now been over a month since the ‘Head & Team Lead of Customer Engagement’ asked for my order number when asked where my refund was and he has still not replied!


I put in a refund request back in April 2022. Still have yet to receive a refund so good luck to you all. Yet they are supposedly shipping 4k oleds so yeah can definitely say company doesn’t care.

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pulls chair up come sit by those of us still waiting for Eve V1 refunds


I was in third place when the contest was over, the next day I found myself in fourth place. I think it’s just a scam to get free product ads.

@Cas It’s 11 days now since I asked what I believe to be a very reasonable question and I’ve not received a reply from you stating when my refund will actually be issued. Could I have some transparency on this please as to when this will be issued?

Thanks in advance.

Hey there,

Sorry that you are still waiting for your refund.

I cannot answer this because I am not handling the refunds. The best I can do is to inform the team about what is currently happening, and clearly, a lot of customers are facing the same issue when it comes to refunds.

This has been an issue mounting up for months, but there has yet to be any significant update.

Hi @Cas,

Surely you should be kept appraised of the refund situation since you’re in the front line as a forum representative.

I’ve replied myself to the support ticket but as others have said, it seems as though once someone supplies their bank details for the refund that they’re then ghosted.

Can you share who has overall responsibility for managing this refund situation?

Is there a list of those of us that are awaiting their refund to be issued?

How many of these are being cleared per week?

Is there an order to which people are being refunded from such list?

This is clearly affecting more than a handful of people and since Eve made very strong assertions that this wouldn’t happen again after the ‘V’ I feel that a lot more transparency should be taking place as to how this matter is going to be rectified.

Thanks in advance

You do mean a year and not “months” at this point xP

and many more for some.