Accusations against Dough in r/Monitors

I know that Dough was accused of fixing voting in rtings:

However, the latest developments seem a lot more concerning:

Would Dough like to comment on these accusations?


Hi there,

This is completely untrue. We are sorry for those who are offended by the comments and we are fully aware of the situation. However, these allegations are completely false and no one connected with Dough has made those comments.

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I’m pretty sure it’s not true but there are many disgruntled customers who I would see doing something like this just to disrupt the brand. Honestly I’m upset too considering I pre-ordered my 240 hz monitor 2 years ago and now I’ve upgraded it to 280 hz glossy and the 240 hz units that were supposed to be shipped out in december have yet to see light of day yet. Literally the only reason I haven’t asked for a refund is because blur busters is tuning the VRR + strobing on this monitor that would beat even the newly announced oled otherwise I would be asking for my money back and putting it elsewhere.

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It seems like such a bazaar scenario that is unfolding. There seems to be information from /r/monitors, and Eve/Dough that is not being published. Based on the evidence published by /r/monitors while I believe it to be racist, I’m intrigued in the affiliation/past affiliation with Eve/Dough that’s implied.

What I will say is: Racism, and bigotry of any sort is surely wrong, but does the evidence provided show any sort of affiliation? I can’t see it, but maybe there is private information (not being published) that would suggest the otherwise.

I’m sure if a popular monitor sub reddit see’s enough reason to regulate specific mentions of a specific company to protect consumers; that would surely be considered a nobel, and respectable way of protecting potential future customers from the stress of experiencing issues that other customers have had to/continue to deal with.

Have read the entire thread @ReignDespair it seems very balanced.

There is a clear inference taking all facts and relevenet info into account, that something shady has “in the past” or “is still” going on.

That aside and the acusations aside - I think the glaring observation is that Eve / Dough have been given enough chance to do right by their customers - Which is really all customers want.

  • Customer Want – Pay money = Good product and good service.
  • EVE / Doughs Stated Offering – Pay reasonable money = Fantastic product and acceptable service.
  • Reality – Pay money = No product, and zero service.

The execution in all aspects is extremely poor - There is no sense of goodwill for Dough anymore. People just want action.

Actions peak louder than words.

All I see is an accusation and no evidence. Not sure what there is to respond to.