Accessory suggestion - design collaboration

I have an idea for an accessory dedicated to those who don’t have a keyboard, or have a non-working one. Ideally I would like to see Eve produce (and sell) it, but maybe someone is willing to collaborate with me to design it, so we can produce it in small batches or propose it to Eve…

This cover our make your keyboard-less Eve V lighter, while protecting the screen from grease or scratches, and allow you to easily carry an external BT (or usb) keyboard.
It could feature a similar material to the Eve keyboard on the inside, but I think the outside could use a more weather-proof and dirt-resistant material…
Anyone knows of a nice looking, thin, lightweight BT keyboard, than is slightly less wide than the Eve V itself?



There are some small ones on Amazon with half decent reviews.

Tho personally I prefer one with trackpad

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I carry this wireless keyboard with my SP as it has a trackpad on the side, full size keys and two years battery life. Plus it can be used up to 30 feet from the computer whereas the SP keyboard has to remain attached. I agree that some kind of protective casing for the tablet would help with paint scratches and also help reduce pressure on the screen when it is rammed into a full bag. Maybe there is scope for a branded padded sleeve that says “I am proud of this computer and want to protect it.”

Use something like this,
Cheap, protects and even (up to a certain degree) anti theft. V%20sleeve

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Sorry @AML I think I accidentally flagged your post. Your solution is certainly better than the tartan microfibre pocket I was given as a Christmas present!

Hi Sean,

There is no problem at all.


It is plastic it is not nice. We want only paper boxes or from some other natural material like fabric. Be a bit environmental friendly weirdChamp

The majority of 2-1 bags are plastic free? :innocent:

This one has got written Plastic bag