Accessory Stars


Beloved community,

It is time for you to vote on the brilliant accessory ideas you came up with within our last Spectrum accessory discussion! In this post, we will take you through all possible ideas so that you can confidently shape our direction towards your favorite Spectrum and other accessories.

The shoo-ins

To start with, we have chosen to make several types of accessories based on your overwhelming demand and our schedule. These include high-quality Spectrum cables with a tint of customization. We aim to provide all four types of cable, each with a different port connector that Spectrum features. Here are our selections:

  • HDMI 2.1 | Ultra High-Speed HDMI Certified
  • Display Port 1.4 | DP8K DisplayPort Certified
  • (Type-C) USB 3.1 Gen 2 with 100W USB Power Delivery
  • (Type-B) USB 3.1

We will soon start to explore the possibility of customization with our suppliers, e.g., having the Eve logo illuminated on the end casing of each cable, as @justin suggested. After that, we will start making as many of the accessories you want a reality.

Moreover, we have decided on offering cable ties for tidying up cables of your desk setup. Also, we are looking into providing several add-on skins for Spectrum to allow flexible customization. More details will come later after we check their availability and evaluate their cost.


Pick your favorite accessories

We tried to gather and include as many of your beloved accessories as possible. If you do not see your suggestion listed among the following 25 options, it is probably because of various factors such as the complexity of the project and our budget make some of them unreachable for our current stage. We will introduce each option to give you a good idea of what each of it represents, and the poll follows at the end. Let us begin!


Which accessories would you like us explore?

You can pick up to 10 options.

  • Single-monitor VESA mount (1.1)
  • Dual-monitor VESA mount (1.2)
  • Triple-monitor VESA mount (1.3)
  • USB Type-C Hub (2)
  • Adapter cables (dongles) (3)
  • Monitor hood (4)
  • Dust cover (5)
  • Cleaning kit (6)
  • RGB add-ons (7)
  • Monitor carrying case (8)
  • Screen protector for Spectrum (9)

0 voters


How about this set of options?

You can pick up to 15 options.

  • Windows Hello webcam (10)
  • Microphone (11)
  • Speakers (12)
  • Qi wireless charger (13)
  • Headphone/Pen/Phone stand (14)
  • Office Keyboard & Mouse (15)
  • Touchpad (16)
  • Mouse pad (17)
  • Desk mat (18)
  • Power bank (19)
  • Mug (20)
  • Poster (21)
  • T-Shirt/Hoodie/Cardigan (22)
  • Coaster (23)
  • Notepad (paper) (24)
  • Desk fan (25)

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The most popular options have a chance to become an independent topic after we validate their availability and create their design. Stay tuned!



Want to point out that since the design team is currently hard at work with the industrial design for the V, @javild helped us out with the awesome illustrations!


I think the best accessory for Spectrum straightaway would be a Windows Hello webcam for the monitor (perhaps with a bundle / discount). I believe it would actually entice more people into purchasing the monitor, knowing there was a compatible webcam feature where other monitors may not.

An Eve Office Keyboard would be an amazing direction to be honest, I’ve found the design decisions of keyboard manufacturers so out of touch with what I need - the closest option came out 7 years ago and since been discontinued. It’s so popular old models can sell for over $300?! I think a community designed keyboard would be wonderful and could be a hit in the wider computer peripherals market, could also absorb the future Eve V’s keyboard layout research too.

As for an Office Mouse I’m not so sure of truthfully… I feel the current options like the Logitech MX Master line cover things well enough it would be a waste of Eve R&D resources. I would rather you guys focused on the other projects in your portfolio such as the new Eve V - a big enough job as it is!


Have you guys decided on what accessories you plan to include in the box? Like HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4 cables?


I agree that at least one of the cables should be included. Since Spectrum will be the first to utilize HDMI 2.1 it should double down on providing a cable that maximizes it.


We’re not looking to create anything at the level of the Mx Master, but much more basic, more in line with an M3xx series mouse perhaps. None of these projects will take up much in the way of R&D resources as we’re not looking to reinvent the wheel, and none of these accessories will be full-blown crowd-development projects.

That’s not to say we won’t re-visit keyboards and mice in-depth at a later date, of course…

Any cable we include that isn’t used by all customers, is an added cost for everyone who doesn’t use it. After all, there is no such thing as a free cable: any cable included in the box is a cable you’ve paid for. If we include them all and you only use HDMI, then you’ve paid too much. If we only include HDMI but you wanted to connect through DP? You’ve paid too much.

That said, no decision has been made yet, and I’m sure it’ll be discussed at length before any boxes leave the factory.


For the cable’s if not all are added will we have the chance before our monitor ships to add on to that order or is this something extra that we will buy on your store or amazon?


I understand where you guys are coming from, but my personal opinion is that not including such cables would be a mistake. I can go out and buy a cheap monitor from China and it will come with HDMI and DP cables. It seems you plan to have Spectrum compete with its cousin, the 27GN950, then you should look the accessories they provide. That monitors comes with a HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4, and USB cable in the box to allow you to use all the features of the device out of the box. These do not need to be high-end cables like the branded ones you are looking to sell, just find a vendor in China making these OEM cables for cheap. For example here is one that has HDMI 2.1 1.5m cables for $4. DP 1.4 can be found even cheaper.


I think you should be able to have a choice for what cable you get out of the selected few that eve provides, any other cable you want you would add on top as an extra fee. Having a few extras included in the box will make the product feel more premium.


This is a decent idea, definitely something for them to consider. Little details go a long way in terms of user experience


Was quite surprised, to not see LUX sensor (to adjust brightness based on light level). Really hoped for the feature, as it is the feature I want most, (with single/dual monitor arm right after that). Is there any chance of it still being added to voting?


I actually really liked the idea of the Headphone stand/Lamp/Qi-wireless charger combo suggested by @justin on the other thread. No idea if it would be possible, im assuming the wireless charger aspect of that would be the biggest hurdle, but it sounded like a very plausible idea.


We will keep your question in mind; we will discuss and decide on a proper way to let you shop accessories/select add-ons conveniently.

Spectrum’s hardware and firmware are not designed with LUX sensors in mind. It is too much of the work for us to offer LUX sensor accessories compatible with Spectrum.


What I would say about the monitor arms as someone who uses a sit stand desk is that it should be easy to adjust the overall height of the cluster of monitors as one movement. It would also be useful if each could be height adjusted independently or at least the outer one(s). This would benefit comfort of view when orientating outer display(s) to portrait or if you wanted to use one of the VESA mounts for a laptop stand to form your second or third monitor and line it up to suit with the Spectrum(s).

For the avoidance of doubt, I mean you shouldn’t have to undo a thumb screw and then have to wrestle with tugging several monitors to slide up/down a pole as this is very uncomfortable with a bad back. Please consider the ergonomics and ease to operate this as someone will probably be leaning over to make height adjustments.


I hope the Monitor Carrying Case gets made! It’s very important to safeguard your investment especially when you are moving homes. Not only that, sometimes you’d want to setup a LAN party at your friends house so actually a quality Carrying Case makes a lot of sense!


Regarding the cables it would be nice it/they was/were to come with the monitor.
That’s just because every time I shop for cables I get overwhelmed by the number of brands and price tiers and quality and conflicting reviews.

Getting a cable approved by eve would mean having a cable that just works out of the box for the specs of the monitor.

However even if I have to buy the cable separately woldn’t be much of a deal anyway.


Big fan of the top few selected accessories! I personally would like protective accessories like the screen sleeve and the carrying case. I move houses very often so those are almost like a must have for me. A screen protector would be really handy as well to prevent micro-scratches over time.

Windows hello camera add-on with 1080p webcam capability would be fantastic to have as well.

Finally, on the situation with included cables, I feel the monitor should come with at least bog-standard HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4 (maybe even 1.2) cables. Even £150 monitors these days come with those included and I feel there should be no reason to not have them with this. Let the custom EVE HDMI 2.1 and DP cables be optional add-ons but standard black cables should be in the box


The spectrum is being marketed to console gamers with the express purpose of HDMI 2.1, therefore a HDMI 2.1 cable needs to be in the box. Usually you get cables that are relevant which support the full power of the ports. Some don’t give both HDMI and displayport - only giving displayport, but my opinion is that HDMI cable definitely needs to be there in order to stick with their marketing strategy. (I imagine most users will be using it with HDMI - PC or console)


VESA Mount

I really think the dual-VESA monitor mount is essential for this monitor. The mount would be different from all of those unaesthetic VESA arms on amazon, really showing off the monitors ya know? I think it’s more important than a SCREEN cleaning fluid but hey, that’s just my opinion.


I think in terms of cables, you should be able to choose what you want to come in the box, sort of how the monitor stand works. I’m not sure if this is possible in the packing stage of the monitors, however if it is, I think that would be the most beneficial.


One way you could do it is instead of cables being in the box (power cable should be in the box), have a seperate box of cables that ship with you as part of a bundle, with a choice of which cable type you want (Dp vs HDMI) and premium vs standard cables, that way you pay for what you want/use.

Granted I’m pretty sure most customers are going to use hdmi so it might be in EVE’s interest to cater to the majority and put hdmi in the box, this is because I know that EVE are also looking to put their products in retail stores, in which case my the idea of packaging cables separately breaks. Maybe they could include cables in the box for retail versions, and ship cables separately/allow us to choose which cables we want for online orders and preorders.