Accessory for mobile use, LTE / GPS

hence V is coming without LTE, I wonder how to get LTE and GPS Signal. Any suggestions? What about the Huawei e392 Stick

LTE - tethering with cell phone
GPS - USB GPS sticks or pucks

have you erver seen a 2in1 LTE/GPS stick?

No, for LTE/GSM I use my cell tethered. But I do use both GPS sticks and pucks and they work great (better than internal GPS in phones and tablets).

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Thanks Lukas_Fikr. :slightly_smiling_face:
perhaps we see a V LTE some day

Maybe, sounds like it’s a little low on the teams priority list right now (as it should be), but maybe once orders are being fulfilled.

Pretty sure you can get USB sticks offering LTE as well.

Even Though, we have other alternative LTE options(like USB stick), I would prefer to have a LTE option so that no need to worry about the wi-fi connectivity while travelling. In countries like UK and USA, we might get wi-fi connectivity options. But, in other countries (except in major metro cities), it is very difficult to get wi-fi connectivity.

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There are also apps to share your phone’s GPS via Bluetooth (I think?)

Hi AfonsoHG,

[quote= ]
apps to share your phone’s GPS
[/quote] may be a solution.
All in 1 is still my fav:wink:

I would like to add, that there are wireless (Bluetooth) solutions for GPS too, which could be more comfy on the go, because nothing is attached to the USB.

There are also (at least for Android) Apps to share the GPS from the Phone.

Do not know about them - if you find one - please let me know.

I tried some and they have a lots of issues (loosing connection, signal, …) plus there is a big difference in price - USP ones are often below US$30, some even around $10.

They’re all over the place here in India. Get one of them, insert a SIM and voila! Your wireless hotspot is ready.

Can you post some links to them?
There are here (Canada and USA) too - LTE/GSM external modules (wireless/cell data), but no GPS (navigation data).