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Hey everyone,

We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. Some of that can be obvious, such as adding new features to Spectrum with a firmware update. Some of those things happen behind the scenes, such as improving shipping times and cost by exploring new partners and hiring new expertise onto the team. Today, we’re looking to improve things the classic Eve way: by asking our community what we can do to make our products better!

Introducing the contestants

Let’s start by reviewing the accessories that have been available to buyers of Spectrum.

Mouse Pads

We launched our first line of mouse pads and desk mats back early last year, and the critical response has been awesome! Several reviewers were thrilled with our choice of a Cordura surface fabric, and the edge stitching has been praised for its tightness. The largest sizes have been most popular, and some of them have been out of stock for a while now. We’ll soon have these available again, as well as a new, even larger sized desk mat at 1300×750mm!


model product details
EA00835 Mouse Pad 300×250×3mm
EA00836 Mouse Pad 400×300×3mm
EA00837 Mouse Pad 500×500×3mm
EA00838 Mouse Pad 900×350×3mm
EA00839 Mouse Pad 1000×500×3mm
EA00899 Mouse Pad 1300×750×3mm (new)


When we surveyed our customers about the cables they needed, very few people agreed. As not a single cable option would have satisfied even half the customer base, a lot of the cables we could have included with Spectrum would have gone to waste. Instead, we opted for the cables to be separately available, but with a quality and style that matches our monitor. Due to production limitations, we weren’t able to offer all the lengths and color options that we originally intended, but if there’s a video port on Spectrum, we’ve got a cable for it!


model product details
EA0083A HDMI Cable 1.8m, black, Ultra High-Speed HDMI
EA0083B DisplayPort Cable 1.8m, black, DP8K DisplayPort
EA0083D USB-A to USB-B Cable 1.8m, black, SuperSpeed USB
EA0083F USB-C Cable 1.0m, black, SuperSpeed USB, 100W PD
EA00840 USB-C Cable 1.0m, red, SuperSpeed USB, 100W PD

Cable Ties & Cleaning Kit

If you want to keep your desk tidy and clean, we’ve got you covered there. Our velcro cable ties come in a pack of ten, including a few in our signature neon red. The cleaning kit has everything you need to safely clean your monitor, V, or other display of dust and more persistent dirt.


model product details
EA00845 Cable Ties 150x15mm, 8pcs black + 2pcs red
EA00846 Screen Cleaning Kit 50ml display-safe spray, 2x microfiber cloth

Ever better

We didn’t come up with our line-up of accessories by ourselves, you all helped them take shape. But now that they have a shape, we can have a closer look and see if it can be improved upon. That’s why we’re kicking off the discussion with some broad questions. Let us know your thoughts, and together we can make ever better accessories!

What do you like most about our accessories?

Did you buy any? What do you like about how they look, feel, and function?

What do you think should be improved about our accessories?

What did we miss? Do you have ideas on making them even better?

If you didn’t buy our accessories, what was the deal breaker?

For anyone who considered our accessories but chose not to buy any, what was the determining factor?



A 230w USB-C would be useful, dunno

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I liked and bought quite a few of your accessories. Haven’t received them yet with the first Monitor shipped to me. Hoping they’ll be included in the additional Monitor I purchased. The one accessory I did receive with the first monitor was the cable to attach to the Dell port. Works great and is well made. Hoping the rest will be as good. I think some color added to the ends of the cables or to the cables themselves would be good as sometimes with a lot of cables running from several monitors or other peripherals its hard to determine which one to unplug from the back of the computer. That really helps with the two or three monitor setup as well as a graphics tablet etc.

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i did not buy any accessories to go along with my spectrum order.
I think the hdmi cables needs to be improved more. i have seen multiple users having issues with their monitors while using the eve hdmi cable. Some users had success in fixing their issue by changing their eve hdmi cable to a different certified hdmi 2.1 on other websites.
I would like to see an eve mouse to be made. that works great not only for pc desktop work but also for gaming (MMOs,FPS).

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I do need some 10’ cables actually for DP and HDMI so I’d vote for that. Some more cable length variety.

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I didn’t buy any accessories but I wish they you offered some kind of mounting solution for the monitor PSU block. I have a standing desk made of wood. Normally, I use Velcro command strips to attach power blocks to the bottom of my table but the spectrum PSU gets too hot and is too heavy for Velcro. The strips don’t hold. If there was an accessory to make it easier to zip tie it to j channels or to screw it into wood that would help a ton with cable MGMT.


Have you used 3M tape for the brick? Usually works for me or a basket underneath.


Perhaps an external KVM switch too that can programmatically switch both the hub choice and the monitor output with one button. I run into issues where I can’t wake up my laptop because the Keyboard and mouse don’t pick that device up quickly enough. The way the menu works on Eve, I also need to pick a video signal first before picking the USB hub. If my laptop is asleep, switching to USB C for video doesn’t wake it up… and I can switch to USB C hub until it wakes up, so my only option to wake it up is to open the laptop and use it’s keyboard. I have to open the laptop and hit it’s key oard for it to wake, then select USB C for video, and then designate the right hub for devices to USB C. I tried auto setting KVM but it’s too slow and doesn’t always work. A simple button on the monitor or an external switch could be cool.

I haven’t. Good call. Will give it a go

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Power bricks with longer cables

More variable lengths of Display/HDMI/USB C cables

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Are they going to be delivered with the monitor at the same time? (I’ve already ordered them)

Is it possible to display 4k/120hz over USB-C to USB-C cable? (I use Macbook)

Honestly, I don’t care about the accessories and would prefer to see Eve focusing on the core product. I can get these types of accessories from anywhere, but the Spectrum is something completely unique to Eve.

I can see cables and ties being useful if someone just needs them at the time of checkout (quality being good enough) but generally I already have or source my cables, ties, etc from elsewhere.
The cleaning kit may make more sense as most people probably don’t know what to get (cleaning fluid) for cleaning the monitors. Mouse pads always sell so thats not a surprise.

I think the comments about the power bricks should really be looked at. Maybe magnets on it (but that only works for metal desks, etc).
Also I don’t know if its an option but ordering an additional stand might not be a bad idea (someone may have ordered one without a stand but later decided they do want it).

Based on comments here and previous sales the accessories (especially cables) need to be packaged with the products or they might as well be sourced elsewhere as the monitors are useless without them.

My big request would be finding higher quality versions of the accessories you’ve already got. There were lots of issues with the Eve HDMI cable, and some of the other cables are quite expensive compared to e.g. Amazon’s Basics range.

In particular, the USB-C cable should be rated for USB4, because that gives the best chance of it carrying a solid signal without issue.

It’s no use having a cable capable of more than 100W, because the Spectrum only outputs 100W.

M1 MacBooks? Firmware 105 onwards is supposed to work. But there’s something with the Intel MacBooks that stops them from being able to do more than 60Hz. It appears to be more of a Mac issue than a Spectrum issue.

When my Spectrum arrived, I compared the power brick with the one for the LG monitor I was using. The length of the DC lead was the same on both, which means it’s probably a relatively standard length.


I’d be interested in the new larger mousepad. But honestly im hesitant buying any accessories from eve, your shipping is entirely unreliable. Im atill waiting on my initial monitor pre-order, was given several shipping notifications, just tocfind out it was never shipped. Not willing to take the same risk with accessories.

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I like the look of your desk mat and my current one could do with replacement, but the sizes that were offered didn’t fit me at all.

I put my laptop and a mouse on my desk mat and don’t want it to take up much more space than that because why should it?

To comfortably accommodate a 13-15" laptop and a mouse my ideal desk mat size would be around 55x25cm to 60x30cm.
Having the laptop on the desk mat is especially useful for 2-in-1 devices.

The closest ones from the current lineup are 90x30cm and 40x30cm. The former has 30cm of width that are completely useless to me and would only take up more space on my desk. The latter is too small to fit the laptop and still move the mouse.

If you can offer an intermediate size (about 60x30cm), I would very likely order one.

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I would perhaps suggest shipping the eveV II before you focus on other products…


I have also been focused on the V2 and delayed making a decision on a new monitor so I was overjoyed to be notified that shipping would begin towards the end of Feb / early March.

What with the announcement of the glossy panels, I’m wondering if it might be a good time to go back and look at the viability of manufacturing monitor hoods

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Hey EVE team,
Its time to bring your mousepads in white as its shown on your twitter (

White mousepads are very rare although white mouse / keyboards are very popular this time (Logitech devices, Xtrfy etc.). I am sure a lot of people will be interested in a white mousepad for a clean colour matching desk appearance.

Lets go

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Hi @RoboKun!

It might be something that we can consider making in the future.

Hi @goodfella,

Well noted! I will bring this to the team.