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Is it rubber or hard plastic? I can’t tell from the picture. Still haven’t received mine. :confused:

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I’d say apart from the thin cloth top the rest is rubber.


Mouse mat finally arrived after 38 days. It’s big: tick. Gets dirty very quickly, seems to attract a lot of dust. Expensive for what it is imo.

I was not looking for a mouse pad but bought one for a friend who was and another to support. And, I have to agree with the above, it is the best and a total surprise. I am setting up a work station and will wait to get one for total coverage and create an even work surface. A fantastic, must have for mouse users as it just fades into the background and unnoticeable.


@Lore_Wonder I was trying to Google search for the Eve mouse pad to see if I could get a direct link instead of going through the main site. Something else popped up and I am not sure if this is your company or not, I don’t think it is. It’s a new seller on Amazon selling mouse pads using inches but are pretty close to the dimensions of the Eve mouse pads not to mention they use EVE in the name of the product. They don’t show the Eve logo on the corner in their pictures, which one picture says it’s 2mm thick even though the description everywhere else says 0.1 inch (3mm).

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Hey, @WhiteMamba! Thanks for pointing this out. It’s not our mouse pad. The picture appears to show an EVE Online game mouse pad.


Eve Online is a space-based simulation MMORPG video game developed by CCP Games that released in 2003. To find relevant search results for Eve, the company, it has to be Eve Devices. Maybe better Search Engine Optimization could help people discover Eve, if they haven’t seen the Eve V or Spectrum from tech reviewers.


Where is my mouse pad? I ordered on 1/22 and would have expected a mid to late Feb delivery…but it’s been TWO MONTHS? For a mouse pad?

I wanted to place an order for the mouse pad hoping to test Eve’s ability to deliver a product but it feels like they just stole $40 from me instead.

That’s weird. I ordered a mouse pad twice and I always received in in 2 weeks max

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Hi @killnine,

I am sorry that you are facing this issue. Please contact support so we can assist with your order.

Yep, sent a support request before posting this so hopefully somebody gets back to me soon.

I’ve ordered my mousepad in October last year and it hasn’t shipped yet. Support said in May that they’re waiting for new stock to arrive. SEVEN months, seriously? I get the global shortage but this is plainly unacceptable.

Especially at the time of order the website/shop didn’t indicate anything about shipping times and stock.

Hey @panni

I do apologize for the wait time you have experienced. If you could please send me your Order ID in a DM I will get that sent to our team to provide you an update on your order.

We had a brief DM conversation, then silence. Still no update on my order.

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Hey @panni Just responded to your DM :slight_smile:

Hi, where are the mouse pads I ordered back in spring? Last time I contacted support they told me there would be a restock in August and so far this has been false. Now mouse pads have even disappeared from the website. Is this product even real? Why Dough is struggling so much with every little thing they want to sell? Even the most random tiny companies out there manage to deliver in this “unprecedented” times. Why Dough can’t do it?

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Hey @reintrandininskia

Yes, this should not be an issue in getting these accessory orders out to the customers. When we do have to delays it should also not effect the customer which it has, and for that I do apologize for! They have been taken off the webpage temporarily they are not in stock. All orders placed for accessory orders will be fulfilled and we are looking to get this stock in very soon (December).