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Hey Everyone!

In case you missed it, back in December we started the development of an Eve mouse pad. After consulting with the community, we started working on its development and ensuring its high-quality, and we made it a reality by releasing it a few weeks ago.

Third-Party Reviews

We sent a few mousepads out to some independent reviewers who specialize in mouse pad reviews, and they’ve started publishing their in-depth reviews. You can find some of them at:

We’ll continue updating this list with any new reviews we find. Make sure to let us know if you find any that we missed!

Your Experience

We know many of you are receiving your mouse pads, and we’d love to know what you think about them! We think the mouse pads turned out great, but we know there’s always a way to improve all products, so we’d like to hear your feedback and use it to improve future iterations of the mouse pads. We would love to know what you like, what you don’t like, what you would like it to improve, and what features you wish it had.

Feel free to leave your feedback or reviews on this topic, and make sure to include some images of your mouse pad in your setup!



Delivered exactly to expectations. Shipped within the timeframe, no odour and no need to “flatten” it out of the box. Love the size (500x500) and design - logo is subtle, barely notice it.

Surface texture is very consistent - no dampness or trapping of humidity that makes it sticky. Feels slicker than my previous mouse pad - not quite sure if its “speed” or “control”.

Haven’t had much of a chance to “test” the waterproofing and durability though only time will tell.

Now fingers crossed the spectrum delivers meets the same expectations!


Hey, @banethor! Welcome to our community, and thank you for sharing your first impression of the mouse pad!

From the experience of using my 1000×500 one, the material doesn’t exactly fall into one of these categories; it’s more like a combination of both.

Here are a couple of images of how I use my mouse pad:


At home

Would you like to share some pictures of the mouse pad you get?


I’d really like to get a mat but it will have to wait until I get my new desk so I know which size to get! However, one thing that’s just come to mind - how should the mats/pads be cleaned?


You can use a soft cloth or brush with the help of mild detergent mixed with water. Alternatively, you can use Isopropyl Alcohol in place of the detergent solution. There is no requirement of the Isopropyl Alcohol percentage; in the mouse pad factory, the operators usually use pure Isopropyl Alcohol. This method applies to both the fabric and rubber sides of the pads/mats.


Excellent, thanks @Lore_Wonder .


I ordered 2 of the smallest size and plan to order one of the larger sizes as they are really the best pad I have ever used. The mouse movements are smooth and seem effortless and the pad itself fades into the background. So good that I am debating on whether to cover the entire work surface.


I had missed the development of the mouse pad, thanks for the nice introduction with links at the start. Based on the video review it looks like the mouse pad is excellent, and with more development for new versions of the mouse pad I am sure Eve can make the perfect mouse pad.


So yesterday I received my full size desk mouse pad from Eve. It’s really nice and would recommend to anyone thinking about buying one. I’m glad I did.Can’t wait for our next update.


This is a great mousepad.

I like the minimalist approach and a small logo is perfect for me.

Like the comentor above, I had no idea what’s the best way to clean the pad and would have never thought to use Rubbing Alcohol. Would be helpful to include cleaning tips.

More thoughts on the topic of cleaning. The pad does pick up hand oils/sweat at what I would guess is an average rate? But maybe seems more noticeable because it’s black after all. I use the “If you can scrape it and see it” as an indicator of when it’s time to clean.

The stiching all-around is perfect. It’s not uncomfortable, and seems sturdy.

For the surface, it does seem a bit quick for my liking. My mouse has the pure white Teflon pads, so I’m not sure if that adds to the increased speed vs normal black pads.

It would be nice to see an option that used material that added a bit more resistance. I’m adapting to it, and turning down my sense has helped.

Overall I’d still buy this pad again!


I bought the 90x35cm desk mat and I’m enjoying it so far.
The thickness was strange at the start but it seems hard enough to not dent easily.
The only gripe I have, but this is with the available desk mats in general, is the sizes available. Not sure why all the short ones (up to 40cm in height) only go up to 90cm in length. This is annoying as my desk is 1m wide and I’d love to cover it edge to edge.


Nice pictures.

The Eve Mouse mat looks so slick!

I also must say: That desk you have also looks pretty dam fine!

Edit: Welcome to the community!


Hey, @Vitor_Dinis! Welcome!

Would you like to let me know your preferred thickness or the one that you’re used to? For reference, your Eve Desk Mat is 3mm in thickness.

Larger than the 950 * 350 mat, there is also the 1000 * 500 version in stock:)


I was using a logitech cloth mouse pad that was very thin, 1mm thick I believe, and because of that I didn’t feel any “squishiness”. I don’t think I prefer that over how Eve feels, it was just different.

500mm is too tall for my setup. I have a glass desk with the PC inside so covering it up is not an option, my ideal size would be 1000*300 but can’t find anything of quality with those specs.


I was using a Steel Series mouse mat for ages. I bought an Eve mouse mat to support the brand and its one of the best mouse mats ever.
I got a 900mm X 350mm one and it nicely covers my desk . The keyboard and mouse happily fits on it, making the desk look clean and elegant

It arrived quickly and was packaged very well…
The build quality is really good and as far as I can tell, cleans very well.

I would highly recommend the Eve mouse mat!


I have to admit that I was surprised. I didn’t realise that the mouse pad was such a new product.
My old mouse pad broke down and the different layers came apart.
Then I happened to see that EVE also sells a mouse pad.
I ordered one, even though I found the price - compared to others - quite expensive.

But I was positively surprised. The mouse pad is bigger than I had imagined and, above all, it is thicker. It’s not so much a mouse pad as a mouse blanket :wink:
But that’s good for me, because the mouse pad compensates for unevenness on my table. And it seems much more stable than the previous pads.

I am very positively surprised by the delivery. It arrived quickly and the packaging already had a nice design. When you unpack it, you almost have a premium feeling.


So, would you say that your initial shock at the price difference now feels, after having used it, justified?


I absolutely love that description!
I was thinking something like this:


Back on topic: Based on the reviews; It does seem like the mouse pad is very high quality. I’ll have to add to my wishlist.


after having used it, justified

to be honest if you compare it to the cheaptes once on ebay it willst cost four times the price.
So what criteria must a mauspad fit? For me event he cheapest once do their job and the mouse has no issue travel over them and for my hand each one feels good,
I mean there is no benchmark which can be used like battery runtime or perfromance.
I will see how long the mauspad survives. My last one died after 2 years

something like thi
I realy like your picture. To avoid a missunderstanding. Your hamster is sitting in a thin cloth.
This feeling of a thin cloth have I when I compared the Eve Mauspad with different once. Now the previous Mauspads feels like this thin cloth.
I did some messurements and the Eve Mauspad has a high of 3,5 mm which can be compress to 2,9 mm.

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Don’t worry it’s just a picture of a “mouse’s blanket” from Google images. I was just being funny. I just absolutely loved that description!

Maybe we could compare it to a Mouse Mattress!


At the moment I currently use a crafting cutting mat for my mouse pad. This is made of a hard self healing rubber; which is about the same thickness of a regular mouse pad.

I do want an Eve mouse pad at some point. Just waiting till after the Spectrum release. It’s a financial reasoning.