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Beloved community,

I’ve been traveling to our mouse pad supplier many times in the past two months. I went there with the China team to check the demo sample, get the material confirmed, monitor the prototype run, calibrate the logo print, and oversee the mass production. The workers got so used to me shooting wherever I can that they know to keep doing their stuff when I’m approaching with a flashy phone pointing toward them, leaving me good photos and videos of how they carry out their work. Now that the mouse pads have been shipped out, I flew back home to prepare for the soon-to-come Chinese New Year and enjoy some precious time with my family.

Mouse pads and desk mats


As we mentioned back in December, we set upon the journey of creating mouse pads and desk mats to challenge our sourcing and logistics teams. Not only are these products relatively quick to develop, low-cost, and easy to store, they also let us test our systems before Spectrums start rolling off the conveyor belt and need to be ferried to their new homes.

We didn’t go in-depth in our survey but were able to pick up on some essential preferences. We already mentioned how a good mouse pad should offer a smooth surface that your mouse can freely move on, and a texture that lets the sensor in your mouse track to the best of its capability, and you seemed to agree there. On top of that, second only to precise tracking came durability, which is why we ended up with a strong, water- and dirt-repellent Cordura fabric to top our mats. These mouse pads will provide a great mousing surface, last you a long time, and be easy to keep clean!

This fabric is bonded to a flexible but sturdy base patterned for optimal grip so that it doesn’t glide around. We found that 3mm was a thickness that will nicely even out small ridges or gaps in your desk, without making it feel like your mouse is up on a shelf. Our factory uses a secret mixture based on natural rubber to create the base, so there are no chemical smells like with some rubberized products.

Here, a mysteriously masked and caped stranger adds the factory’s secret ingredients to the rubber mix. Either that, or it’s just protective equipment. I prefer the first version…

To ensure your mat stays in great shape, the edges are machine-stitched to prevent fraying. And since most of you preferred a simple logo print over the more in-your-face options, we kept things simple and subtle. No bright colors, no big images, no contrast stitching, just our triangle logo unobtrusively in the corner.

Finally, we have five different sizes available, based on your feedback. We were surprised at the popularity of the larger sizes and would have loved to offer even bigger desk mats. We found that larger sizes required multiple operators to handle and would end up wasting more of our fabric. Add to that the higher cost in shipping, and their price would have been much higher than what we can offer today.

Your options


Our mouse pads and desk mats are available in the following sizes:
Size (mm) Size (inches) Price
300 × 250 × 3 mm 13.8 × 9.8 × 1/8 19.99$/€
400 × 300 × 3 mm 17.7 × 11.8 × 1/8 25.99$/€
500 × 500 × 3 mm 19.7 × 19.7 × 1/8 29.99$/€
900 × 350 × 3 mm 35.4 × 13.8 × 1/8 39.99$/€
1000 × 500 × 3 mm 37.4 × 19.7 × 1/8 49.99$/€

What are you waiting for?


Feel free to leave your questions here, and we’ll try our best to answer them all. The mouse pads are in stock and shipping now, grab yours before supply runs out!



Where are the mousepads shipped from? From your regional warehouses or directly from China?

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Are you planning on shipping those to Austria?


Can I order a mouse pad in Russia? There is no such option on the order page. I would like such a pad and at the same time check how orders are delivered from you to my country to avoid problems with the delivery of Spectrum.

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I am from austria and just bought one myself.
Greetings from Mühlviertel :wink:


Hello, I wanted to order one but I couldn’t get it delivered in France !

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No shipping to Japan, neither. I believe the mouse pad is shipped to both France (where Dressrosa is) and Japan soon. At least in France, I think there are many customers.

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They are shipped from Hong Kong with tracking.

Austria and France are supported in our EU shop.

They are not currently supported. We started with a smaller list of countries and are working on enabling standard shipping to more countries for the mouse mat, especially those receiving popular demand from the community and customer support.


The Image for the 1000x500x3mm is incorrect i think on the store page

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Hey, @FaultyTowels! Thank you for reporting; we are looking into it.


Thank you, Lore_Wonder
We are looking forward to the good news!

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Indeed I can order for France on the EU shop but my code linked to my purchase of the spectrum is on my INTL account so it doesn’t work, I’ll look with the support, thank you !

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Hi, @Dressrosa! We recommend you contact our support team; they can look into the situation and give you an appropriate response.

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Although I doubt it is possible at this stage, it would be great if eve looked into creating mousepad with silicone bottom instead of rubber, allowing higher durability and it to be washed. This would make the mouse pad bit more unique, and not just very similar to nearly every mousepad on the market. There already are suppliers able to produce high quality silicone mouse/desk pads.


Looks good. I like the subdued logo.

Is the 3mm thickness the thickness of the “rim” or the thickness of the actual mouse pad? IMO the thinner the better for mousepads :).

Product idea: I would love to have an antistatic mat that doubles as a mouse pad / desk mat. Surface finishes of antistatic mats are often pretty terrible as a mousing surface, being either glossy and plasticy or rubbery and sticky. Not to mention they also tend to be quite ugly.

Bonus point if the mat is also fairly temperature resistant so they don’t melt when in contact with a hot soldering iron.

The market for this is likely pretty small though.On the other hand, I’m sure a lot of people would get it just because they like features, just like gamers getting a 99% color gamut display because they can.


Looks like the grim reaper in that one photo! Lol. The Eve Grim Reaper is what I will now call the mousepad.

Hey Lore, how about a free mousebad for all those Spectrum buyers!?! :wink:


One important thing that I forgot to tell. I love the design of the pad.


Hey @Justin_Froelich, I’m digging the Eve Grim Reaper nickname :smiley:

We released a customer special (extended to our VIPs: Spectrum and V customers), that is tied to free shipping of the mouse pad. Meanwhile, we’re exploring other ways to reward our loyal customers, but being honest and transparent with you and everyone interested, we’re still checking what’s feasible. Hope this helps!

@woku Glad to hear! Music to the ears of our lead designer. I’ll pass on the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi @seppe, thank you for sharing your idea. Will make sure to pass it on to our product team :slight_smile:


Thanks Chili! Let’s just call it the Eve Reaper. Keep up the good work!


Thank you again, Lore_Wonder !
As you said, JPN is now included in the destinations.
I am again on exciting days of waiting for my purchase to come.