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Beloved community,

Thank you for your great input on the vinyl skin and cable color topic! The team is surprised that a sizable portion of you guys would like to have not only your Type-C cable to be neon red but the rest of your Spectrum cables. Not only that, you’ve suggested lots of beautiful skin options and offered loads of creative ideas for cable customization. We’ve gathered all of your advice into one place and are consulting with our suppliers about possibilities for the future. In this topic, we follow up with an update on our vinyl skin progress and ask you a couple of cable questions to further shape our accessories.

Vinyl skins

Printed samples

We received the batch of color-printed samples that are created based on our images.

We love how the one composed of a single color and a dreamy splash of blur turns out. It has good clarity without over-sharpening; the tone is consistent with smooth color transition, and there’s a decent level of contrast.

The dark images, however, didn’t turn out great – they suffer from the material’s reflective finish, ending up looking a bit washed out under indoor lighting.

The supplier didn’t print a color-checker on the skin, making it difficult for us to determine their color accuracy. We ask them to do another run and provide images with a color-checker integrated. We’ll decide how to move forward with the printed vinyl skins after examining the new run of samples.

We considered cylindrical packaging, but based on how the samples we received that way arrived self-curled, making it harder to apply them, we’re looking at different packaging options.

Love to see more 3M skin options?

Some of you suggested other pretty 3M skin options that are not included in our swatches, such as Psychedelic 2080-GP281. If you happen to know suppliers that offer these 3M skins you like, feel free to reach out to us and introduce them!


The China team visited our cable supplier in Suzhou to inspect their samples and explore our cables’ best casing material. After observing and touching a few dozen cables in the showroom, we loved the finish and feel to touch of TPE and PVC cables and settled on making samples using these two materials with black and neon red color variants.

A few of the samples we checked out.

Based on these cables’ look and feel, we began an internal discussion of the color, material, finish (CMF), and shape of our cables. We wanted our cables to match Spectrum’s design and feel; therefore, all complex shapes and constructions are filtered out. We focused on combining a premium material with a minimal shape; in light of this direction, we targeted to remove as many extra shapes, holes, and production marks from our supplier’s reference designs. When the plug head was being discussed, we came across a choice that needs your help: which icon style is the best to go with?

Cable type only

A logo or symbol that denotes the type of cable you’re dealing with (such as HDMI, DisplayPort, or USB) lets you recognize your cables at a glance, even when it’s plugged in.

Eve logo only

An Eve logo lets you show off where you got your gear. It’s simple and understated but adds a little flair to your plugs.

Cable type and Eve logo

All of the above! You get to identify your cables and show off your support for our crowd-developed products.

No markings

Without any logos or labels, your cables will be harder to identify, but it does provide a clean look.

Which one of the following is your favorite icon style?

  • Cable type only
  • Eve logo only
  • Cable type and Eve logo
  • No markings
  • I have no preference

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Ever felt that no matter which way you think a plug is supposed to fit, it always ends up being the wrong way around? You might be surprised to find that in most cases, positioning the plug so that the cable type logo faces up or towards you is the right way up. It’s a best practice that most manufacturers keep to – even though many people aren’t aware of this helpful detail!

Of course, ‘most manufacturers’ is not the same as ‘all manufacturers’, so if you tried this when you read it and were disappointed… it’s not a universal truth. We think that best practices are important, as they make your life easier. But we also believe that your equipment should look as good as it can.

Take Spectrum for instance. If we follow this convention, the HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB logos on its cables would be facing outward toward you. Wouldn’t the cables look better if the side facing the user was blank, or showed a subtle Eve triangle logo?

Time to find out how you guys feel about this!


Should we go with what is most convenient or what looks best?

  • The cable type logo should face upward.
    That’s how you know which side is up.
  • The Eve logo should face upward.
    That way, you get to look at the prettiest side.
  • Why fight, guys? Have both on the same side;
    that way, you can see the cable type logo and the Eve logo.
  • I have no preference

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Cable ties

We also checked out our supplier’s cable tie samples. Below are the three form factors available for us to work on.

Loop through

It’s the most common style of Velcro cable tie. A loop in the fabric lets you wrap it safely around a single cable to keep the loop in place, meaning you’re never without a cable tie. This is especially useful to manage a cable that travels with you. Alternatively, you can wrap it around a bundle of cables so you can loosen it without your bundle falling apart, which is helpful if you add or remove cables regularly.
+Can be permanently held on a single cable, so it’s never lost
+Can be held loosely around a bundle without completely removing it for easily adding or removing cables
-Has a weirdly shaped head

Loop back

The end passes through a rigid plastic ring, then folds back on itself. This makes it easy to tighten and lets you loosen it without completely removing it from your cable bundle. Because it relies on different halves of the Velcro material being on the wrapped and folded parts of the tie, it only fits cable bundles of a specific size.
+Easy to tighten around larger cable bundles
+Can be held loosely around a bundle without completely removing it for easily adding or removing cables
-Not friendly for small cable bundles or a single cable
-More expensive due to added parts and manufacturing complexity

Loop around

Sometimes the simple solution is the best one. A simple strap of Velcro material can be universally applied in all sorts of situations and looks clean because it has no bells and whistles. Of course, that also means it doesn’t have the specific benefits those fancy additions provide to the other designs…
+Clean look
+Can be applied in many ways since it doesn’t rely on one end being looped or folded
-Only stays in place when it’s fastened

Which one of the following is your best cable tie style?

  • Loop through
  • Loop back
  • Loop around
  • I have no preference

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Don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you want to let us know more about your thoughts! Talk soon TM !



Love the update. It seems that the non-black dominated designs would stand out best anyways. For the cable tie, I really hope it’s the loop through. It gets really frustrating when you need a Velcro cable tie but can’t find one. When you can just leave it on the cable and forget about it until it’s needed, it really helps. It’s one of those things that you don’t really appreciate it until you have experienced using one. Depending on their length, it can hold a good amount of cable too. For me, I personally feel that the other two are going to get lost somehow, no matter how careful I try to be.


Eve logo is good enough for me - I can look at the cable (end) and see what type it is.

Will the logo and / or cable type (name) be in a different color?

As for the cable ties, I realize that the Loop back is added expense - but it sure looks nice. I already bought a 50 pack of the loop through, and don’t really care for the loop around.

Any chance of getting the Eve logo / name in the cable ties, regardless of which one is selected?


We have asked the supplier and will get back to you later.

Good question! I will bring it to the design team.


I don’t think branded cables are a necessity, but if Eve are going to provide cables at cost, or complementary with the Spectrum. Some branding is definitely a must.

With cables, I definitely prefer durability, and functionality over look, but if Eve are providing branded cables; I would recommend at least the Eve logo to follow a uniformity with Eve products.

Personally I prefer the look of the cable showing the cable type and Eve logo, but it is not a necessity. Based on the examples given.

One thing to note about cables is they have to be priced competitively; for obvious reasons.
I would imagine adding type of cable, and brand logo could potentially raise the costs of the cables; leading them to be less affordable.


Great update on the accessories! I personally prefer that my HDMI cables include the HDMI logo and if I were to get a cable from Eve I would prefer if it also included the Eve logo. For me, cables that do not have the HDMI logo specifically, make me think the cable is cheap. A few bad experiences with some HDMI cables have ingrained that in my head.

I would also like if the cable had 2.1 stamped on the other side of the HDMI side. It just makes things easier to differentiate the versions of the HDMI cables.

As for cable ties, I have no real preference mostly as I used loop around before and have found they work well enough that I have never felt like I needed any other solution. That being said the other ones seems like they would work just as well.


The HDMI licensing people are very particular about what goes on the cables, and don’t want people to throw ‘2.1’ around willy-nilly. Specifically, they don’t want it on cables! The certification for cables that meet HDMI 2.1’s maximum bandwidth requirements is ‘Ultra High-Speed HDMI’, so you’re more likely to find that on your cable or its packaging. Similarly, the matching cable for DisplayPort 1.4 is ‘DP8K DisplayPort Cable’ certified.

Life would probably be easier for consumers if the most suitable cable for a HDMI 2.1 device was ‘HDMI 2.1 certified’ and the most suitable cable for a DP 1.4 device was ‘DP 1.4 certified’, but officially, such cables don’t exist. I guess these licensing companies have different takes on what constitutes consumer convenience…


Make sure you’re using a rich or true black on the dark print, I can’t remember off the top of my head but it needs about 50+% of C M Y to the K.

Edit, I was miles off: True Black in CMYK: How to Get Rich Black for Printing - Bittbox


So perhaps we can have that stamped on it instead?


For the cables I think it is important to have cable marking on them, especially as this is a HDMI 2.1 monitor. Showing that the HDMI cable supplied is HDMI 2.1 compliant is important.

Edit: However as Helios pointed out this isn’t possible. So maybe, saying “HDMI (4K 60)” is a better way to get around this


So, How about “UHS” inside the Eve logo? Both in a different color than the cable (i.e. Eve Red)?

If the HDMI standards folks don’t like it, then a two line:


Like above, but still within the Eve logo, and still, if possible, in Eve red?

Obviously it would be a lot more to have it imprinted into the cable heads versus just stamped on with ink, but an imprinted one would look better.


Thank you @Helios for the information! You are completely right as far as I am concerned, as simply calling the cable HDMI 2.1 certified would be so much easier than the current requirements for certification.


I don’t know if the plan is to include both cable ties and the de facto plastic-wire twistie things, but I would prefer to see ONLY the cable ties for the sake of reducing waste as long as it doesn’t significantly impact packing of the Spectrum from a business standpoint.


I was going to suggest just putting “2.1” on the reverse side with Eve logo, or do those dastardly “licensing people” control that too? :man_shrugging:


I like the idea of 90 degree cables to plug into graphics cards from underneath desks. I also like the idea of having angles connectors at the screen side to help with routing toward the stand.

I’m not sure if graphics cards have a preferred orientation for their hdmi and dp.

I’ve also owned cases with reversed motherboard orientation and it would cause my graphics card to be upside down. Then you also have the small cases with random arrangements. Maybe do a poll for cable angle preferrences.

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I don’t really think 90 degrees cables would be the best idea, there are many cards that have two rows of ports, making some of them useless.
About the cable colors, the default cables should imo be black with gray text, as black is a neutral color that will most likely fit every rig, while going with some more vibrant color like red, or yellow could cause some cables ending in e waste, as these are colors that certainly will not fit in every rig, and some people either because of look of their pc, or not liking the color, may just not use the cable at all. Some default cables coming in red, could cause quite a lot of people having to order another cable, and throw the one away, same as it is with some monitor brands making red stands, although that’s even hard to change, or hide the color of it.

3 Likes This link shows what a certified ultra high speed HDMI cable (HDMI 2.1) looks like and there is actually no logo anywhere on the housing, only on the cable jacket. I am with most everybody else in that I would like to see the HDMI with a 2.1 or a UHS BUT if the Eve logo is going to be on the opposite side on both ends, then I am ok with it just saying HDMI because when I see the Eve triangle (hopefully in red) I will know instantly that it is HDMI 2.1.


As we can now order cables along with our Spectrum, I have a very nitpick question regarding the USB-C cable.

I plan on using the cable & the Spectrum with my iPad Pro, which I’m using for drawing with a sort of drawing table made specifically for the iPad Pro called Sketchboard Pro.
It has a cutout for a cable which perfectly fits Apple’s big USB-C cable (the one coming with MacBook). Problem is, it means that cable with a bigger head won’t fit.

Here is a photo to better demonstrate what I’m talking about:


So I was wondering if you have the measurement of the head of your cable and if you know how it compares to Apple’s one?

I know this is a very very specific question and might not be able to answer, but I’m asking just in case