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I’d love for there to be a beige skin to match my sleeper pc build. Or like @A.J_Stroud mentioned, a way to order a custom skin.


Hey, @vitaminj! Welcome back!

A 90-degree head serves monitors that have back-facing (away from the user) ports pretty well; as you have mentioned, it prevents the cables from sticking out. Because Spectrum has all of its video input ports facing the bottom (toward the desk), cable sticking out is not a concern, and a 90-degree head fixes the cable direction to be back-facing instead. This does not add extra value but limits the cable direction.

Hi, @A.J_Stroud! I’m looking into it and will get back to you later.


I was pretty sure I’d go for the Carbon Fiber skin (either black or clear) - until I saw that Glossy Galaxy Black skin. Oh, man, anything from Hubble telescope / JPL studios and I’m in.

I still voted for the 2 carbon fiber ones I like as well - but stars, man. Stars!

For the green and pink areas - I dunno, seeing as I will be using a VESA mount, I don’t see any reason to have those skinned, personally. but if it can be done easily, I have no problems with it.

I’ve thought about it for a little while now and have probably changed my vote several times.

Part of me wants to vote for red cables, as I never get red cables for anything, so it would not only stand out, but also be a good match for both the Eve logo as well as make it easy to discern which of my myriad of cables came from where.

Part of me says stick to basic black, as that will probably be cheaper in the long run.

None of me wants white cables - they show dirt, grime, and marks too easily, and I don’t even use the white cables for my phones (of course that’s mainly because I buy more heavy duty cables than the thin cables that have come with various phones).

Would it be possible to get black cables with the red inverted delta Eve logo on the cable ends? That might satisfy a lot of people’s desire for bling + be a good bit of sneaky advertising, to boot, while not increasing the overall expense too greatly.

A red cable with a black stylized inverted delta Eve logo would be nice also, if red becomes the color of choice for either / both cables. But I think red logo on black would look exceptionally fine.


Oh no sorry I meant at the other end - just at the laptop/tablet end - to run flat along the desk backwards for a laptop, or down the side to desk level for a tablet.


The way I feel about it is that a red cable is probably the best option because you can always buy a black one separately. The type-c cable is more likely to be seen connected to a tablet or laptop (as it will be for me).

OTOH, I don’t think I’d use a red DVI cable because they’re so chunky and I’d want it to blend in. Still, I could always buy a black one separately (though I have several already).


I’m totally with you there, or maybe something a little artificial like this:


Excellent feedback on the cables. I never really thought about white showing up dirt etc, and I agree that the Eve logo would look great on red cables.


Ahh, I see! It’s a good point worth considering. I’ve bookmarked it.

Hey, @nkyadav! I’ll bring your question to the team and get back to you later. The logo customization you suggested can be a neat detail.


I would love to see some orange in the cables or grey.


I would like the other cables to be two toned - red and black. Since I chose a black-themed vinyl skin and it seems to be leading in the poll a black and red two toned cable would be better than a solid red one. Are these cables double braided type? If not those last longer than the regular plastic ones and dont kink. This should help with durability.


I would love to see more EVE stamped on the product and cables if possible, it’s cool to stand out sometimes. I’m not really a minimalist kind of guy. I want it to stand out and there’s got to be a way for eve to stick out for me. I know it’s a bit off topic but it’s why I loved oneplus phones that red and white cable pattern was so cool and unique and they use it with every phone. Would be cool if Eve done something different so that every time someone would see a Eve product its immediately obvious.


Greetings, @Eric_G!

The cable samples coming our way are not braided. Your suggestion is worth considering; we’ll see what we can do!


Err how about plain black cables and NO skin. I look at the front of the monitor not the back and I would rather not be paying for tarting up the back of a monitor. Also, heat dispersion - can’t be improved by covering the back


I’d be down for a Satin Key West 2080-S57, Psychedelic 2080-GP281, or a Gloss Flip Ghost Pearl 1080-GP280 but those might be too expensive to use lol

Couple questions though:

  1. So if I’m understanding this right what’s being wrapped are the green and pink areas in that picture? Not the blue and red?

  2. If blue and red are not being wrapped will they just be black? knowing what the combination will be will help me understand visually and plan according to my setup for my next room lol

  3. What is the intended outcome? Trying to understand how this works for us who have already pre ordered, do we end up choosing between standard vs 1 colour option (or multiple colour options based on votes and supplier quality).



Blue and red areas are most likely to be wrapped. As we mentioned in the post, our supplier is trying to wrap every single part of the monitor and stand. @Helios remarked that, as long as they can wrap a car, they can wrap a monitor. We’ll know exactly which parts are feasible to wrap after the experiment.

This hasn’t been decided yet. We intend to offer multiple color options, ideally including some high-quality color-printed ones as well.


I’d really like a brushed aluminum skin. I’d also like at least the green area skinned too.

The possibility to order/create custom vinyls would be interesting too.


Regarding Skins:

I really like the color and finish of the spectrum, so I don’t expect to need a skin for the most part. However I’d love to have a matte black skin covering the area around the ports to prevent scratches when missing the port.

In general I don’t like carbon skins at all, I much prefer flat colors or subtle pattern like light wood, marble or something like that.

Sticker Idea:

I’d also like to suggest an eve Logo sticker (a red Triangle) for the back of the monitor… about 3-4cm wide.

Regarding cables:

A few design ideas:

  1. red cable, black ends, if possible with a red triangle on the plug. (Similar to oneplus cables but with black instead of white ends)
    This would look unique and make the cable special.

  2. a braided cable. Some double braided cables show one primary color with spots of a secondary color. That would be a great option to make a black cable and have a bit of red in there too but still blend in with other black cables reasonably well.

I’m not sure whether or not these ideas are possible but as others have said: there are plenty of cheap black cables of good quality available to buy. I’d like the eve cable to be special.


We changed the painting method of Spectrum’s metal sub-frame in January; since then, the exposed bottom port frame is almost impossible to get scratched by connectors.

New (top); Old (bottom). You may notice that the old metal sub-frame in the photo is scratched slightly near one of the HDMI ports.


Huge fan of the colors but I agree with alot of people hear and think some form D-Brand collaboration would be awesome. Absolutely love their “Marble White”.
Good job on the colors so far too!


I almost prefer an hdmi 2.1 cable to come, since I have a lot of type c cables


Xbox Green Cables would be nice.