Accessories from Eve-Tech?

Hi my fellow Eve-Developers.

We are beginning to feel very proud of our upcoming computer. We feel that it should exceed all expectations :slight_smile:

As great as the device will be, a PC is only as good as its versatility. This brings us to accessories. When the time comes to introduce our great crowd-developed computer to the world for sale, we’d also like to introduce some.

Of course as tech folk ourselves, we would not dare to offer you anything of low quality. This is why we need to know in advance where to focus our efforts.

As always, you people are the valuable source of curated opinions we so appreciate.

This is why we’d like to ask you what accessories would you like to get along with the device (delivered within the same shipment).

So once the time comes and you’re in the web store, you don’t have to row out fishing beyond the sea.

Before shooting your opinion below, please take the time to tick some boxes.

Do you usually purchase complimentary accessories when buying a new device online?

  • yes
  • no

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The time I didn’t buy accessories, it was because: (max 2)

  • They were too expesive
  • The store didn’t have what I need
  • I already had the needed accessories
  • Another option?

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When I bought accessories along with my device, it was because (of) (max 4 choices);

  • Ease of shopping, all in one shipping
  • I was offered a good deal as a bundle
  • I suddenly realized I needed something (being offered) at the checkout
  • I needed a particular accessory, and it was offered to me
  • The accessory was not offered per se, but I found it and added it to the cart.
  • another option?

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Assuming you are buying your next personal computer,
what accessories are you most interested in currently? (max 3)
For any USB-C accessory chosen, a similar function can be achieved with a corresponding “USB-A to X” accessory.

  • A power bank
  • Wired headphones
  • Wireless headphones
  • A Mouse
  • USB-C cable(s) (specify below; which one)
  • USB-C / TB3 docking station
  • A second USB-C charger
  • A second charger with ports & Continuum
  • Glass protector film
  • Protective / foldable case
  • External GPU
  • Stylus Pen
  • “all in one” dock with power bank and eGPU support (going a little crazy here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it a HDMI cable, perhaps a USB-C male to USB-A female? You know the drill. Hit it on the polls above and discussions below.

It will help your dream accessory to become alive if you’d mention the price you’re willing to pay for it + share your choice and its reasoning to the rest of us here at the community :wink: (=comments below)

And while your at it, if you can’t think of an accessory that would save you from a worrisome world of trouble or some conventional hurdle, describe your problem; what do you generally want to accomplish and what should the accessory solve for you?

Maybe a new product will be born from out of your idea :wink:


Headphones - only if it’s VE Monk+ :wink:
USB-C - HDMI would be a must-have for me. Also, to make those two ports useful (for me) I would need a couple of C-A adapters


Choosing only 3 accessories was difficult :slight_smile:
But let’s say in the order :

  • Protective case, a mandatory accessory for me. Call me what you want but I have protective case for almost all my devices (mbpro, iphone, galaxy s, surface 2 pro)
  • Second AC-adapter to keep one at home and one at the office (or in my bag if a docking station is available).
  • A Docking Station, a very good add-on for me, so no need to unplug external screen, network, storage etc… when you leave with the tablet. A mandatory connector for this type of accessory is a kensington port.

Other accessories I would like to find on the same store :

  • eGPU case
  • cables/adapters : hdmi / display port adapters, usb-c to usb-a, usb-c to usb-c (like this one ) to be able to deport the usb connector
  • stylus pen

Something I would like to find is a solution like the magsafe from Apple for the usb ports; there are already a bunch of them available but none of them seem very reliable (like the on from Griffin, it is ugly and not reliable)
Also, many of them offer a cable and an adapter, it forces you to swap all your cables and that’s not great.
The only company I found who is creating only adapters is Znaps, it was a kickstarter project and it as taken a very long delay.

Another accessory I would like to find is a mini docking something like this
It is portable and at the same time offer a lot of connectivity options.
It could be nice with an Eve logo on it :slight_smile:

Concerning the protective case, I would love to see Eve to offer two kinds of case : a normal one like this one from Speck ( Award Winning – Speculative Product Design, LLC ) and a more rugged one
like the one from Urban Armor Gear ( Rugged, Slim Protection Case for 13.5 inch Surface Book 3, 2, 1, & Performance Base by UAG )


Here we go again, go tell that to Microsoft then :
:confused: pffff…

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Yeah, that is some poor marketing there :slight_smile: I would only call something a dock if it acts as a dock for the device, i.e. holds the device in place.

Considering that the cheapest eGPU solution available in the market is 500$, if we could make an affordable version for say 200$, we would annihilate the competition and everyone with a Thunderbolt 3 equipped device will look at us with awe and respect.
All the other devices have been in the market for a while, while eGPU is a new market with untapped potential.
Eve, the gamers need you!


Please dont side track the discussion. We are here to learn what accessories people want, not definitons of words :slight_smile:


I think that the dock definitely should be attached with a cord as apposed to actually docked. This is so you could still use your computer as a tablet if you wanted.

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Yes please. Thanks Mike!!

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Ok, I wanted to make the discussion a bit clearer, well seems like I failed xD

Let’s try again: can we please distinguish between a dock, a hub and an adapter? Dock is what holds the device in place. Adapter is something that converts one port to another. And a hub is an adapter with more ports. What you’re talking about is a hub, since it doesn’t hold the tablet in place. I’m not arguing that the one or the other is better, but I want to make it clearer and easier to understand for staff. This thread will go long, and scanning through long threads is basically searching for keywords. You find the keyword “dock” → you count that post into the “dock” category in your mind. I think it would be easier to conclude the thread if we said what we want effectively, e.g. use different words for different things :slight_smile: just a suggestion. Please tell me if you think otherwise.


Oh. I see what you mean. I guess I like the idea of a hub(with some added features) better.


So for the adapter I think the all in one is the key solution …The dell adapters seem to cover 90 % of ports that one could need they have usb 3 & usb c port versions …I don’t think it would be very hard to make something similar with even nicer design cues …

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yes, a really awesome headphone would be nice. (preferably with some eve branding)

A proper dock, like you get for business laptops would be nice.

ie You take your device, clip it into the dock then use the attached mouse, keyboard, display, speakers etc as a desktop computer. The dock also charges the box, has a wired gigabyte LAN port etc…
When it’s time to go you just unclip the device and walk off with your laptop/tablet.

If you could build a cost effective charger that would be interesting, it might be better business to get a standard OEM box from Delta or someone. Mouse and headphones are just going to be OEM parts…

For me a stylus is a must, not an accessory. Will we have a slot to keep it in (like Lenovo and Samsung do)?
Otherwise they are an expensive thing to loose.

Perhaps a set of bundles might sell…

hard case, headphones, stylus, mouse for on the road…
dock, mouse, keyboard for home…


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I thought the device would look/function better with original accessories as opposed to third-party counterparts.

The accessories weren’t interesting enough (didn’t seem stylish/useful) or were too expensive.


A hub is important - but it needs more than a couple of USB connectors. Consider: external harddrive (x2?), Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner + 1 for good luck? 5 would be the minimum. 6 would better.

Bonus points if this hub is compatible with a MacBook Pro :slight_smile:



Some USB-ports should defintely fit in an hub/dock. :slight_smile:

And it’ll likely be compatible with any device that has a USB-C port - or whichever port we use to connect the hub/dock to the PF. :slight_smile:

But definitely a great suggestion that we don’t underdeliver on the amount of USB-ports! :slight_smile:


can you explain a bit more; what would this charger have?

Forgot to mention that I voted on “Another option” in this one, because:
Manufacturer shops are usually restricted to a handful of countries, and I’ve never seen one extended to Lithuania. So I buy my stuff from local shops. No shipping fees, no extra taxes, so even with the retailer margin it’s actually cheaper than buying directly. (By the way, it might be the same with Eve Pyramid Flipper - if you sell it through retailers too, it might even be cheaper that way in some places) - These shops usually don’t have accessories for sale, and you need to order those online.
Another thing is that default accessories are usually either terrible or overpriced. For example, compare this:

to this:
And now guess which one is the “default”. Yup, the Samsung accessory is crazily overpriced and doesn’t offer any protection at all, while the Spigen above has awesome protection for slightly higher price.