Accessories for the V

Good evening everybody. I read a lot of diffeeent threads and couple accessories were mentioned but nothing proved at all. Founders & creators, can you tell for sure which accessories will be available ? (Without price if you want to make a small surprise, but at least what will be available). Because when shop will be open , by the time I will look at all accessories and choose which ones I want, it might be no Eve’s left (because you choose config, then accessories, then process payment). I am pretty sure I am not only the one who would like to think about accessories prior to see it on the screen and be nervous about timing.

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You can look here for possible accessories, but prices will likely differ:

The two Mozo sleeves, the keyboard layouts (languages), an USB-C to HDMI adapter and the international plug heads will be available, I’d say, but I’m not sure, if the team made any official statements. It was suggested in another thread that the glass screen protector is available as well. And I guess that you can also buy additional USB-C cables and maybe chargers and extra keyboards, pens. Ah, and the Windows 10 Pro upgrade, of course.

I’m fairly certain though that you will be able to buy anything the backers could buy during the IGG campaign.


To weigh in, as we just learned about it, the glass screen protector is not made from glass, but rather to protect the glass (it’s a plastic film). Just to avoid any confusion.


Is that the same for the IGG backers ?
weren’t we promised a “real” screen protecter → tempered glass ?

I thought so as well, but @iKirin said that this was a misunderstanding. I was actually pretty sure that it was cleared up back then. But well, they’re shipped now, I guess. And I’ll have a screen protector I won’t use :joy:

And the quote:

A case would be nice

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I am expecting that all the accessories available will soon be officially revealed in Eve’s accessories site:

Yes, cases should be available based on previous posts.

Good quality charging cables that will last, a small charging brick like the dart laptop charger