About Window Hello?

Hello ,Eve v community~

I really like the Window hello the program;however ,I also heard that the program consumes much energy,I wonder how our other community members think?(No offense to the designers ,it’s just a pure question)
I heard the time of SP4 at rest (sleeping mode) prolongs more if switching off Window hello.(but the link also said the reports varied from one test to another,and it has been a while,too.I am still wonder what would happen if Vs don’t use Window hello? Or has the program undergone any revise? )Thanks for answering (btw,it’s my first time asking questions)

#I’m willing to wait for Eve V tablet and become a beliEVEr(Woop woop~)


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Do you mind to share your source of information?

Back to the topic, while not being a Win-user, if V doesn’t use Windows Hello (that is: user turned it off, as it is basically a Windows ‘feature’) I guess the FP-reader won’t work. The V doesn’t support any other form of Windows Hello as far as I know. If the battery impact is too much for you and your fine with no FP-reader then feel free to disable it (if possible).


Yes,that’s how I think, FP is indeed a faster and safer way to secure my device,:thinking::thinking::thinking:Just wonder it.
Thank for letting me know more about Eve V:)


A fingerprint reader is a lot less power hungry than a 3D camera, like the surface pro uses for its windows hello. So while it might give some improvement to turn it off on the V, I seriously doubt that you would notice it at all.


I see~ I thought Window Hello would turn on both accessing tools.Thank you so much.(My computer is Win7 and has need use for 6 yrs,so idk much about Win10( ;__:wink: