About V pen and the new surface pen

Hi Team:

You know V pen is one of the main reasons for me to pick up a V. Im just a little disappointed reading all those negative reviews about the pen so far.

Have anyone tried using the new surface pen on the V and experience a better result or should I expect a better result at all if I switch to the new surface pen?



It should be better but I’m not sure which improvements you will get (iirc at least some part of it needed some driver updates).

IT is a good pen .but.Unfortunately,according to the evaluating which from the net,the v pen not as good as experience like surface pen now,some lag actually,so i think you can wait for eve gen 2 maybe~~

If there is enough support for a premium pen i’m sure Eve could develop another one as a mini project. Maybe someone should setup a poll?

I think the key is volumes and if there isn’t enough demand for a premium pen at cost of say at least $50 USD then it simply won’t be feasible.


OP is asking anyone has used the 2017 surface pen on the V


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I have and the Surface Pen does not offer any performance improvement.


Rick, thanks for answering…

I assume you have access to all sorts of pens - any chance you could try out a few and report back? I’m most interested in improving the IAF.


The new 2017 pen? Are you an artist and do you find the pen performance on the V is much worse than other devices? And what would you recommend for alternatives?



The 2017 Surface Pen and Wacom Bamboo Ink both offer lower IAF than the standard Eve pen.


I hope to have my review up on SurfaceProArtist.com soon. I’m still tracking down a few bugaboos that may be driver related that can hopefully be resolved before I publish my findings.


Am I understanding this correctly that IAF is better using the Surface Pen and Bamboo Ink pen on the V, but that’s the only benefit of using another pen? How about the feel of the nibs against the screen?

I guess I should just wait for your review…

You hopefully won’t have to wait long. I just installed the new pen firmware late Friday, so I hope to have my review up in the next day or two.


Pen firmware didn’t fix the issues I’m seeing. Delaying the review another few days.


You could create a post so some of our techies can maybe work on the issues :wink:

Hi, I am looking forward to your review.
It would be nice if you can write something about the “feel” of writing )friction) with the pen as well in you review.
I asked for some information here:

Maybe the linked thread should be merged into thins one? @nawthor what do you think?

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I’m in direct contact with KK, but I saw in another thread that someone had posted either images or a video of wonky strokes similar to what I’m seeing.

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I don’t find the friction to be particularly slippery. The tip on glass doesn’t feel paper-like, but it’s consistent with what you’ll find on a Surface Pro with slightly harder nib (H) than the Surface Pen’s default HB tip.


I have to say that my one big disappointment with the V so far is the pen. Firstly, there’s the previously mentioned issue with it being circular, and therefore unable to clip onto the device as strongly as on Surface Pro. Then there’s the buttons - I don’t like these buttons or their location, and a few times I’ve hit them by accident when trying to write. It’s also not as nice as flipping the pen over to use the eraser imo, but that’s probably very subjective.
Some tuning would definitely be handy as my strokes come on much stronger than I’d like.

The other thing is that I’m occasionally getting missed strokes, but thinking about it, I think this is limited to Word and might not be an issue with the pen itself.

I’m thinking of getting another Surface pen. The Bamboo Ink woulda been a contender if the driver offered tuning which, to me, is essential.
edit: though it occurs to me that the Surface Pen can’t be tuned on a non-Surface device either. Hmm.

I’d hold off on getting another pen until the devs are able to update the pen firmware again. The missing strokes are something I’ve experienced with every pen I’ve tried.

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Thanks for that information.
I hope they fix it soon - it’s actually really annoying.