About time i'd say hi! Borro has been in the house for a long time

But for some I’m still a noob i guess :wink:


About time i’d say hi since I’ve been here since November last year. I’m not a big writer (to busy with other platforms like family, work, real life social circle). But considering that after all the reading I finally did post something today I should let u know who I am :thinking: uhm at least a bit.

Turned out to be a long story (the only one you’ll get from me :))

I’m an IT-professional and have been for the past ~20 years already. Started as Programmer then Project manager / UX and functional designer & manager / program manager / team manager and currently my (freelance) title reads Digital PM / PO / SM / Agile Coach. The field I work in is mainly (and preferably, but sometimes beggars can’t be choosers :wink:) the creative graphical design and implementation side of things.

The V got me really exicited, i’ve been working with my Microsoft surfacesses for many years now and just love the form factor. I jumped the EVE bandwagon considering the V looked much more promising then the Surface Pro 4 at the time (and then the current Pro still from my perspective). For me that is on the level of: price against specs / ports / fanless / screen / battery life / wireless keyboard / fingerprint scanner.

Like a lot of you I am sometimes a little frustrated on the timelines, but then again know enough about the industry to know @Konstantinos and team did not pick up an easy challenge! (and that they are / must be frustrated @ times as well ;-). I am still very much looking forward to what promises to be an smashing product that is (i think) still ahead of competition a year after its conception!

So I’m still pushing my old Surface Pro 3 (which did serve me well!) to the limit and hope my limited bird V (was just too late for a hyper early bird :roll_eyes:) will arrive soon so I can start hugging it!!!

And then of course show it off to all my Apple fanboy colleagues who still don’t get why I work on windows, but do still gaze in awe when I use my surface connected to a beamer or bigscreen as a white board in client presentations, or use to them strange concept of a touchscreen, or draw moustaches over pictures i take of them there and then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.
AND with the V and iOS VMware installed (which my current surface doesn’t pull off) their awe will be even bigger haha.

Cheerio guys and gals (and godspeed to @Konstantinos and other Eve team cracks, keep on going and make us happy!)


@borro is in da house, yo, and welcome :fist_right::fist_left:

Welcome, even if you where here before. :slightly_smiling_face:
Your professional background will surely be a platform from which very useful post will emerge. We were waiting for you !

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